If maintained properly, hardwood flooring can last a lifetime. The key to successfully keep your flooring in the best shape is to ensure proper care and maintenance is carried throughout.


Osmo Wash and Care is a special every day cleaning concentrate for wooden and cork floors treated with Osmo Polyx®-Oil. Also suitable for varnished, stone, plastic, PVC and other water resistant surfaces. It is highly effective and water soluble for quick, easy and thorough floor maintenance – even for large and high traffic areas. Keeping wooden floors hydrated, due to natural oil content within the product.


For periodic maintenance, floors can be treated with Osmo Polyx®-Oil. Floors with expected high tread and quick wear can be regenerated and cleaned at the same time with Maintenance Oil. Based on natural vegetable waxes – the timely use can prevent time consuming sanding or renovation work in public spaces and commercial buildings such as restaurants, shopping centres and even in airports!
Humidity Levels
Changes in humidity levels can cause any wood flooring to shrink or expand. In order to minimize such movement it is important to maintain the humidity level in your home between 45% and 60%. Improper humidity levels can result in cracking, delaminating and shifting of flooring.

Liquids & Spills
Although the OSMO UV-POLYX OIL finish is highly resistant against liquids we do recommend that all liquids and spills should be wiped off as soon as possible in order to prevent any damage. You may consider using area rugs to protect susceptible areas (around kitchen sink, at entrance for wet footwear, etc.).

Abrasive dirt such as sand, street dirt, grit and cat litter can damage any hardwood floor. Protect your floor by using entrance mats and area rugs. Regular cleaning or vacuuming of these rugs will prevent accumulation of dirt. Felt protectors under the legs of all pieces of furniture will prevent damage caused by scratching.

Cleaning Products
For best results, we recommend the use of Osmo specially formulated wood care and maintenance products for Osmo Poly-x Oil.

Choosing Three Trees Flooring products is not only an excellent design choice but an environmentally conscious one as well.