Engineered hardwood is made by gluing a real hardwood veneer to a core board made of either plywood or high density fiberboard. Because of this construction method, engineered hardwood is more dimensionally stable than solid hardwood. In other words, it will not contract or expand as much due to changes in humidity or temperature.

Engineered hardwood has several advantages over solid hardwood:

  • It is generally less expensive than solid hardwood
  • It can usually be installed on all grades, including below grade
  • It can be installed over radiant heat
  • It can be installed over a concrete subfloor
  • It can be floated

Shrink and expand naturally In addition , the benefit of engineered hardwood is that it is constructed in layers which allows for the floor to naturally shrink and expand which is better suited for the ever changing Canadian climate.

Visit our specifications ( Link to specs) page for exact specifications for Three Trees Flooring engineered products.