Good Processing

LED-Hardwax Oil is a high-quality finishing oil with unique characteristics. The oil consists of a special mixture of oils, waxes, resins and additives. Since HardWax Oil is highly wear-resistant it is suitable for use in all areas and particularly suited for project-based use. The waxes provide a microscopically thin layer that protects the wood. This makes the floor less susceptible to wear. Using the revolutionary HardWax Oil leads to superb end result. The impact on the environment is minimal and you save an incredible amount in expenditure.

The Advantages of Micropores

  • Oils fill pores of wood and protect it from damaging water-logging although they not form a waterproof film. The wood remains micro-porous and continues to absorb and release water without damage.
  • Microporous wood can breathe, provides better air quality and is anti-static (attracts less dust), ideal for anyone allergic to dust.

Natural Ingredients

  • All Osmo Wood Finishers are based on oils and waxes: sunflower oil. Carnauba wax, candelilla wax, linseed, soya and thistle oils.
  • Oils help to retain the value of the natural raw material wood.
  • For a natural, environmentally friendly and safe coating.
  • Pigments are allowed to be used in the food industry.
  • Based on clean, renewable, plant rat material.
  • The binding agents in Osmo Wood Finishes are based on natural plant oils which penetrate the wood deeply and protect from deep within.