The restoration process begins with the removal of the existing floor finish, which can be a difficult task to undertake by oneself. Our staff of professional craftsmen not only have the necessary equipment to get the job done, but also a decade of experience under their belts that will ensure your floors look immaculate. Our team will be able to carefully remove the finish without damaging the wood, and will take the necessary steps to prime the floor for the new alternative. We will complete the removal process with the assistance of high powered electric sanders designed for high precision flooring work.

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Following completion of the previous step and finalizing the sanding process, the next step is to either stain the floor or leave the natural wood. The application of polyurethane in addition to buffing the floor aides in this process. Our large selection of products will ensure that there is an available option for any style that you desire. Selecting the final stain can be a problematic process that may have unexpected costs, but at Three Trees Flooring we take all the extra steps to ensure your home renovation project goes smoothly.

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