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Author: AB Martin

Scandinavian Flooring

Best Type of Wood for Scandinavian Flooring

We can all agree that the Scandinavian interior decor trend is one of the most sought after in recent times. Many homeowners and interior designers are embracing the simplistic approach of this style. But, most people who don’t have sufficient experience with this style tend

Baltic Birch Plywood

Benefits of Baltic Birch Plywood

There are several notable plywood options, but very few can measure up to the Baltic birch. Several professionals regard Baltic birch to be of higher quality than most standard plywoods. It’s very versatile, and since it’s made entirely from birch piles, it has a very

Ultimate Guide to Baltic Birch Plywood

Ultimate Guide to Baltic Birch Plywood

Baltic birch plywood stands out as one of the best woods to use for your projects. You can use it to build racks, shelves, tables, drawers and several other items for homes and offices. This article discusses extensively on baltic birch plywood. You’ll learn more

Match Wall Colour with Wood Floor

How to Match Wall Colour with Wood Floor

One of the most important aspects of interior decoration involves balancing the colour themes. It includes ensuring the different shades used in the house go well together to create the perfect design. But, most people don’t understand how challenging this aspect can be until they

Clean Laminate Floors

What Can I Clean Laminate Floors With?

It is one thing to have your dream laminate floors in your home; it’s another to clean it properly. Laminate floors are becoming increasingly popular because of their features and low cost. Laminate flooring is a floor option made out of composites of wood. That

Clean Wood Floors

How to Clean Wood Floors

Wood floors require special attention when you want to clean them. The process involves thorough scrubbing with different kinds of cleaners, waxing, cleaning and many other activities. The effort you put in to clean wood floors will be worth it, as your floor will look

Bespoke Wood Flooring

All You Need to Know About Bespoke Wood Flooring 

Having the right floor can make all the difference in home interior design. It can have a massive effect on the feel and outlook of the entire room. Therefore, it’s quite essential that you get it right, especially when you’re going with wood floors. That’s

White Oak Flooring

All You Need to Know about White Oak Flooring

As far as interior decoration and hardwood flooring options go, white oak floors stand out among the lot. Very few hardwood flooring options can hold a candle to white oak in elegance and beauty. You may find a few flooring alternatives as good as white

Nordic Wood Design

Nordic Wood Design 

The Nordic or Scandinavian design, as many people prefer to call it, is one of the most beautiful interior decors works you’ll ever come across. These designs generally come across as comfy and homey while maintaining a certain simplicity about them. In addition, you’ll often