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The Cost of Hardwax Oil Finishing

Hardwood flooring is one of the most beautiful designs you can add to a house. This type of flooring is durable and can easily blend with the different types of decorations you prefer for your home; may it be modern, country, or traditional. Moreover, it gives an authentic and homey feel to a living space.

A hardwood floor may come in two types, pre-finished and unfinished. Though both are of excellent quality, if you opt to choose a custom stain for your flooring, then the option for you is the unfinished one. However, you have to also consider increasing its durability overtime by adding layers of protective oil and wax coatings to your flooring. Recently, people have opted to have a hardwax oil finish applied to their hardwood flooring for increased protection overtime against factors like water, dirt, pets, and many others; on top of its beautifying effects to the flooring.

What Is Hardwax Oil Finish Flooring?

Nowadays, people have opted to install flooring made from synthetic materials for their houses. This is made from UV-cured polyurethanes with aluminum oxide. With advancements in technology, its quality has regularly improved overtime. However, for houses in areas with an extreme climate, such type of flooring can have its disadvantages as compared to factory-finished hardwax oil-finished flooring.

Hardwax oil is composed of natural components such as carnauba palm tree wax, organic oil, and other natural ingredients. This was developed to give you the benefits of a penetrating finish while increasing the durability and resistance to moisture and temperature changes just like those floors that have undergone film finishes.

Application of Hardwax Oils

Prior to product application, the hardwood must undergo a process of sanding. This is a very important process because it determines the durability and longevity of the wood flooring. During the sanding process, it is crucial to finish sanding with grit that leaves the wood with enough space to allow for the product to penetrate it evenly. Sanding must not be performed too fine as this restricts the amount of hardwax oil to enter the wood. Then the coating process begins.

The application of the coating is simple and straightforward, which does not need the services of highly skilled craftsmen to accomplish. The process involves applying about 2-3 coats of the hardwax oil to give the wood increased resistance to wear and tear and upgraded durability. In between the coating times, the hardwax oil is given time to saturate the wood before the removal of the product’s excess, then a waiting period of around 24-72 hours for the wood to dry up is followed. After the required duration has elapsed, the floor will be ready for additional handling.

In the past, the processes mentioned beforehand were usually done on-site during the hardwood flooring installation. But with current improvements in the manufacturing process of hardwood flooring, hardwax oil coating can now be applied effectively on the hardwood flooring panels while they are still in the manufacturer’s site or factory. Upon arrival at the project site, the focus is on the actual installation of the pre-finished hardwood panels to the floor of the house.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Hardwax Oil Finish Flooring?

In order to get an actual estimate of how much it would cost to order hardwax oil-finished flooring with your specific requirements and dimensions, you can reach out to us so we can work together to figure out your exact needs. However, to get a rough idea of the estimates for an order of hardwood floor with hardwax oil finishing, we can consider the average costs in the current market. As an example, let us assume the following variables which already include the whole package of sanding, finishing, and installation:

  • Floor area: 1,550 square feet
  • Hardwood flooring size: 12’ x 8” x 1” Unfinished Solid (average price per square foot is CAD 7)
  • Hardwax oil brand: Osmo® Polyx®-Oil (average price per litre is CAD 85)
  • Layers of hardwax oil coating to be applied: 2 layers

To get an estimate of the factory hardwax oil flooring for the required floor area, we have to first consider the total quantity of hardwax oil that would be needed to cover the whole area. With a requirement of at least 2 layers of coating to be applied, an estimate of around 13 litres will be needed of Osmo® Polyx®-Oil hardwax oil. A total cost of CAD 1,105 will be used for the hardwax oil.

The next aspect that we must look into is the total cost for the quantity of hardwood lumber to be used, which includes the labour for sanding, finishing, and installation. Based on the average price of the above-mentioned hardwood flooring, the total amount would come up to CAD 10,850. Now we add the cost for lumber, inclusive of labour, and the cost for the hardwax oil, the total cost for the project would total CAD 11,995.

Advantages Of Hardwax Oil Flooring

As seen from the cost estimate above of having your flooring be coated with hardwax oil, it may cost more than just installing plain hardwood panels or even those synthetic flooring panels. However, there are multiple advantages of picking such an option for your flooring that would make the long-term value outweigh the cost. Below is the list of advantages of using hardwax oil finished flooring:

Beautiful and Natural Design

Aesthetics is the first advantage of opting to have factory hardwax oil finished flooring. The coating magnifies the natural beauty of the hardwood used. Compared to other types of wood finishes, this does not give out an unnatural plastic look to the surface of the flooring. In addition, this type of flooring gives a beautiful matte sheen.


When comparing between factory pre-finished hardwax oil flooring and on-site application of the product, the pre-finished option is more durable and has a cleaner result. This is due to its better working environment wherein there are specific areas assigned for each respective task and personnel that are ideal in handling the different processes of fabricating the wooden panels.

The flooring is more durable under extreme climate conditions. As compared to other types of flooring solutions, this was created to always protect the flooring. When climates change, the hardwood flooring of your house would either contract or expand. This may cause problems like the formation of gaps or the hardwood flooring panels to start rising up. This is due to the reaction of wood to humidity and temperature changes. But with the hardwax oil finished flooring, this will not become an issue. The coating serves as the defence against these external factors preventing damage to your flooring.

Water and Damage Resistant

It has been tested to withstand different factors that usually damage wooden flooring. As the oil from the coating penetrates deep into the pores of the hardwood panels, there is protection from the inside, while the wax protects the outer surface of flooring by creating an elastic microporous surface. Water-resistance is one of the most remarkable features of hardwax oil flooring. Unlike conventional wooden finishes, you will not see any watermarks, blisters, cracks, or peels in this type of hardwood flooring. Even factors involving human and animal actions do not cause damage to the flooring.


Since the product is from different natural components, it has been proven to be friendly to the environment. This product has less than 50g/litre of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). This is considered a very low level for such harmful gases, which makes it a positive option for your house.

Easy Maintenance

Hardwax oil-finished flooring is easily repaired and maintained. It only takes around 2 hours for touch-up and repairs to take into effect before the floor is ready to be used again. Renovations and spot maintenance can be made on smaller portions of the flooring to reduce costs.

Hardwax Oil Wood Floors Are Worth the Cost

With multiple options of flooring available at your disposal, you must first decide what type of finish would work well with the design of your house. You need to consider that other than aesthetics, there are different factors that need consideration before finalizing your flooring plans. If you are living in an area where there are regular climate changes, consider the effect these do on your house flooring. Keep in mind that with such conditions, your flooring would need extra protection.

Furthermore, also take into consideration the effects on the environment of your flooring choice. Remember that through chemical reactions between components, gases are formed which may be harmful to the environment. With natural components used in hardwax oil, you will not worry about these harmful gases. Hardwax oil-finished hardwood flooring may be your best option for such situations.

In addition, even though you have the option to do the sanding and application of the coating to the flooring panels by yourself, remember that having a manufacturer do these for you may achieve better results. Lastly, if you consider the costs against the benefits of ordering pre-finished flooring, keep in mind that a manufacturer has an ideal work area and complete workforce at their disposal. There will be fewer errors made by these professionals as well which will avoid future back jobs. Feel free to contact us so that we can work with you and determine what your house needs to maximize beauty and safety.

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