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Three Trees Flooring
Provides The Best Of Both Worlds, Beauty And Quality Flooring

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Toronto Based

Your Top Hardwood Flooring Manufacturer

Inspired by the company’s European roots we provide engineered hardwood flooring encompassed with European quality, design and innovation with a Canadian touch.


The Premium Quality You Deserve

Three Trees Flooring has taken an oath to bring the best quality products to every client we have. Our never-ending commitment to become the best hardwood flooring manufacturer and supplier in Canada is what drives us to continually develop and grow our product line to better serve Canadian homes and businesses. Truly our hardwood flooring will stand the test of time.


Elegant European Hardwood Flooring

Three Trees Friends is the top choice for elegant European hardwood flooring in Canada. And being the manufacturer of our hardwood flooring products, you are sure to get hold of the most elegant hardwood products in the market. We only aim to give the best quality the most amazing value for all our clients. Whether you are a contractor or just a DIY-enthusiast, our line of engineered hardwood flooring products is the top choice!


Hardwood Floor Finishing

Hardwood floor finishing is trusted worldwide for its quality reputation. Hardwood floor finishing soaks in, lightly colours the wood and forms a protective film on the surface of the wood. wood finish that is derived from natural vegetable oils and waxes. Resistant to water, dirt, beer, wine, cola and saliva, Polyx-Oil is microporous and molecularly bonds with the wood, meaning it does not crack, flake, peel or blister. Can be spot-repaired and/or restored/renewed with no sanding required, therefore wood never needs complete sanding and refinishing again.


Eco-Friendly and FSC Certified

Three Trees Flooring’s Eco-Friendly promise starts from the raw material to the finish of our flooring. Our flooring is imported unfinished directly from Europe. We use only the highest quality white oak to produce our flooring sourcing the wood directly from FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council) forests of Europe. Three Trees Flooring strives to provide a sustainable, eco-friendly, durable and stylish hardwood flooring option.


Low Maintenance and Easy Care

Three Tree products are easy to take care of. Hardwood flooring can last a lifetime if maintained properly. The key to successfully keep your flooring in the best shape is to ensure care and maintenance are carried throughout the life of the hardwood. The process begins at Three Tree.

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Environmentally-friendly Hardwood Flooring Manufacturer

  • Three Trees Flooring optimizes the use of natural resources by sourcing our hardwood products exclusively from ethical forestry operations.
  • By choosing locally cut-down raw materials, we help in reducing carbon-based fuel consumption.
  • Waste and by-products in our hardwood flooring making process are used to kiln dry the lumber we use for production.
  • Our company is dedicated to showing support for ethical manufacturing practices. We aim to continue our production optimization projects all the while investing in consumer and dealer education towards ethical product lifecycles.
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Our Flooring Collections

Three Trees Flooring manufactures pre- finished engineered European white oak hardwood flooring. Our product line features planks up to 7.7 ft long with 4 mm European white oak wear layer, providing the ability to resand and refinish up to 3 – 4 times.

Engineer Hardwood Flooring by Three Trees Flooring

Wondering what makes our engineered hardwood flooring the best in the market? Here’s why:

Hand-Crafted By Experts

Each of our hardwood flooring materials passed through the hands of our professionally trained craftsmen, making sure that they are of top-quality every time.

Top Quality and Durability

Our line of hardwood flooring boards is made to last a lifetime. But what comes with that strength is a long-lasting classic style that is good for ages.

Best Designs Available

We boast our collection of the most unique and stylish hardwoods. All our products at Three Trees Flooring showcase cutting-edge and timeless hardwood flooring.



Spruce core commonly referred to as 3 ply construction is available in straight planks, herringbone and chevron.

3-ply material is recommended for installation over radiant heated floors.

One of the most important Advantages of 3-ply construction is its extreme stability in a position to keep its form in abrupt or warm temperature changes, making it good for rooms with varied conditions.

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Humidity Levels

Changes in humidity levels can cause any wood flooring to shrink or expand. To minimize such movement, it is important to maintain the humidity level in your home between 45% and 60%. Improper humidity levels can result in cracking, delaminating, and shifting of flooring.

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Defining the grades of the wood

As wood is a natural product which contains distinctive differences of grains, colours and knots. We have broken down how to better understand the various grades available.

Select and Better: contains little to mild colour variations, select and better is the highest and cleanest grade of hardwood flooring.

Character: This is in its most natural state, allowing for the acceptance of knots and filler this warm and inviting grade provides a rustic elegance to any room.

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