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The Best Hardwood Flooring for Pets: A Guide to Pet-Friendly and Durable Options

Your furry friend is the perfect companion — until it comes to your flooring. Their claws and hair aren’t exactly ideal for maintaining flooring longevity. That’s why it’s important to choose the best pet-friendly flooring that can handle these unique needs.

When selecting hardwood flooring for a pet-friendly home, durability and resistance to scratches, stains, and moisture are key factors to consider. You can have a beautiful and pet-friendly home with the right choice of hardwood flooring.

To that end, our pet-friendly flooring experts have pooled their knowledge to help you choose the best floor. We’ll explore the best hardwood flooring options designed to withstand the demands of pets, helping you make an informed decision for your beloved companions.

Best Options for Pet-Friendly Hardwood Flooring

Here’s our pick of hardwood flooring that combines well with pets.

Maple Hardwood Flooring

Maple is another excellent option for pet-friendly hardwood flooring. It’s known for its strength and density, making it highly resistant to scratches.

Maple is highly rated as a pet-friendly flooring option thanks to its tight grain pattern. This grain pattern minimizes the appearance of scratches, ensuring your floors maintain their beauty over time.

Hickory Hardwood Flooring

Hickory is renowned for its exceptional hardness and durability, making it an excellent choice for pet owners. Its dense grain pattern and natural resistance to dents and scratches make it highly resilient against the activities of pets.

Hickory hardwood flooring comes in a variety of colours and finishes, adding warmth and character to your home while withstanding the test of time.

Brazilian Walnut (Ipe) Hardwood Flooring

If you’re looking for an exotic hardwood option that can handle the wear and tear of pets, Brazilian Walnut, also known as Ipe, is a top contender.

This hardwood species is incredibly dense and boasts remarkable hardness, making it highly resistant to scratches and dents. It is also naturally resistant to moisture, which can be beneficial in homes with pets prone to accidents.

Oak Hardwood Flooring

Oak is a popular choice for pet owners due to its natural durability. Its hardness helps to resist scratches and dents caused by pet claws. Oak hardwood flooring is available in various shades and finishes, allowing you to find the perfect match for your home’s style.

Cork Hardwood Flooring

Cork flooring is an eco-friendly and pet-friendly option that offers a unique combination of durability and comfort. The inherent elasticity of cork provides a cushioning effect, making it comfortable for both pets and their owners.

Additionally, cork is resistant to scratches and stains thanks to its natural waxy substance known as suberin. This substance acts as a protective barrier, making cork flooring an excellent choice for pet-friendly households.

Bamboo Hardwood Flooring

If you prefer an eco-friendly option, consider bamboo hardwood flooring. Bamboo is exceptionally durable, making it suitable for active pets. It is also more resistant to moisture than other hardwoods, reducing the risk of damage from accidents.

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bamboo hardwood flooring

Scratch-Resistant Hardwood Finishes that Work Well with Pets

Here are our top picks:

Aluminum Oxide Finish

Hardwood flooring with an aluminum oxide finish offers excellent scratch resistance. This finish creates a protective layer on the surface of the wood, preventing scratches caused by pet claws.

High-Gloss Finish

High-gloss finishes provide enhanced scratch resistance and make scratches less visible. However, remember that high-gloss finishes can show footprints and pet hair more prominently, requiring more frequent cleaning.

Wire-Brushed Finish

Wire-brushed finishes offer a rustic appearance and are great at hiding scratches and imperfections. The texture created by wire brushing helps to camouflage any damage caused by pets, making it a pet-friendly choice.

Stain-Resistant Hardwood Flooring to Consider for Pets

Engineered hardwood flooring and acrylic-impregnated floors are the stand-out picks.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring is made by layering a real hardwood veneer over a high-quality plywood base. This construction makes it more moisture-resistant and less prone to warping or staining, making it an ideal option for pet owners.

Acrylic Impregnated Hardwood Flooring

Acrylic-impregnated hardwood flooring is infused with sealants and colour throughout the wood, creating a highly durable and stain-resistant surface. This type of hardwood flooring is particularly suitable for homes with pets prone to accidents.

Tips for Managing Hardwood Floors & Pets

To further enhance the durability and longevity of your hardwood flooring, consider the following tips:

  • Trim your pet’s nails regularly to minimize the risk of scratches on the floor surface.
  • Place rugs or mats in high-traffic areas and near water bowls to catch any spills or accidents.
  • Clean up any accidents promptly to prevent staining and damage to the floor.
  • Use pet-friendly cleaning products specifically formulated for hardwood floors to avoid any potential harm to your pets or the flooring itself.

By combining the right hardwood flooring with proper maintenance and care, you can create a pet-friendly environment that allows your furry friends to roam freely without compromising the beauty and longevity of your floors.

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managing hardwood floors and pets

Final Thoughts

Investing in the best hardwood flooring for your pet-friendly home is a wise decision that ensures the longevity and beauty of your floors. Choosing a hardwood floor with the right finish, scratch resistance ratings, and resilience will enhance your experience and that of your furry companion.

Explore our extensive range of pet-friendly hardwood flooring options at Three Trees Flooring and create a harmonious living space for you and your beloved pets.

Discover the perfect flooring solution that combines durability, style, and functionality for your pet-friendly home. Visit our website today and give your furry companions the floors they deserve!

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