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A Guide to French Oak Floors: Characteristics and Maintenance

French oak floors are fast becoming the next big trend in Ontario’s flooring niche. This ultimate guide to French oak floors will tell you all about this classic flooring option’s unique characteristics and maintenance requirements.

From understanding how French Oak wood is sourced to maintaining its beautiful look, you’ll find everything you need to know here. Here’s the important info all homeowners (especially beginners!) need to feel confident about installing French oak floors.

An Overview of French Oak Floors – The Highlights

French Oak floors offer more than just a statement piece for your home. From deeper browns with more visible grain to the chic modern style of brushed and white-washed shades, these floating-style floors have it all.

And while they’re elegant, they offer high-level strength and longevity. High-grade hardwood and high construction standards mean these properly installed French oak floors are built to last for years.

What Makes a French Oak Floor Special – A Look at the Characteristics

French oak flooring is a luxurious classic that has been admired and sought-after for centuries – but why? As with all things French, one could partly attribute it to the well-known adage ‘Je ne sais quoi’ — it’s much more than aesthetics.

French oak flooring offers a unique combination of characteristics bound to capture the heart of even the most discerning of wood enthusiasts.

It boasts an exquisite grain pattern composed of fine lines and knots that require careful sealing to maintain its timeless beauty. Notorious for its durability, a good quality French oak floor can last generations if properly cared for and has the added benefit of being able to be sanded and refinished over several lifetimes.

If long-lasting elegance was put into words, it would undoubtedly be defined as ‘French Oak Floor’.

french oak floor special

Pros and Cons of Installing French Oak Floors

Installing French Oak flooring can be a great choice for those looking to make a statement with their interior design, but it’s not without its drawbacks.


  • Durable – As previously mentioned, this flooring option is perfect for homeowners wanting an extra durable floor that lasts many years.
  • Timeless – The classic look of French oak floors won’t go out of style soon and will add a touch of sophistication to any home. Over time, such floors can even go on to increase the value of your home.
  • Low Maintenance – With proper maintenance, French oak floors will require minimal upkeep.


  • Expensive – As with many luxury flooring options, French oak floors have a higher price point than some alternatives.
  • Difficult Installation – DIYers should note that these floors are not the simplest to install and may require professional assistance.
  • Not suitable for humid climates – Like many wood flooring options, French oak does not do well in high-humidity environments.

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Practical Tips for Cleaning and Caring for French Oak Floors

Caring for French oak floors is not as hard as it may seem. A few simple steps will keep them looking beautiful and timeless for years to come.

  • Regular cleaning – The best way to care for your floor is by regularly sweeping or vacuuming away dirt and debris, taking extra time with high-traffic areas.
  • Use the right products – Avoid using harsh cleaners or abrasive cleaning supplies as they can damage your flooring. Instead, opt for a mild soap and warm water solution or a specifically formulated wood floor cleaner.
  • Spot-clean spills immediately – It’s inevitable that spills will occur, particularly when you have young kids at home. Blotting up spills quickly with a damp cloth will help protect your French oak floors from staining and discoloration.
  • Don’t forget protection – Properly sealing your floors is essential for protecting them from dirt, moisture, and everyday wear and tear. Reapply every few years to keep your floors looking their best.
  • Reapply wax occasionally – Waxing the floors once a year will help restore their natural shine and keep them looking like new.

French Oak flooring is a luxurious choice for homeowners who want to make an impressive statement with their interior design. When cared for properly, these classic floors will stand the test of time, providing you and your family with a beautiful, timeless backdrop for years to come.

Design Inspiration – Making the Most of Your New French Oak Floors

French Oak floors may be the height of sophistication, but how can we make them even more so? The good news is that with a little design inspiration and creativity, your French Oak floors can become your home’s centrepiece.

Start by adding a bold and sophisticated rug to enhance the depth and glow of your beautiful hardwood flooring. You could also hang tapestries high along the walls to draw the eye up, or add unique furniture pieces that complement the muted tones in this timeless material.

By embracing French Oak as a canvas for your home décor schematics, you will surely have an environment you’re proud to call home.

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new french oak floors

Final Thoughts

When it comes to making a major home improvement, French oak floors are an excellent choice. The best part is there are endless creative ideas for making the most of your investment.

So why not step outside the box with your design and develop stunning new ways to bring out the beauty of your French oak floors?

You can start by looking at our online catalogue of French oak floors at Three Trees Flooring. We guarantee stunning French oak floors that stand the test of time, offering you maximum value for your money.

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