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French Oak Flooring – Here’s Why It Will Give Your House a European Touch

French oak flooring is one of the best wood floors in the industry today. The oak wood used for these floors is like regular oak but with extra features. The features and appearance of these floors are what make them popular.

Oak floors have been popular in Europe for a long while. A recent survey proved that Oak was the second most popular wood floor in the European market, accounting for about 43% of the market. If you’ve seen any European wooden floor, you’ll surely want such beauty in your home.

French oak floors allow you to imitate the European flooring in your homes. This article describes the advantages of French oak flooring and why you should install it in your home.

Why Should I Install French Oak Flooring?

The aesthetic benefits of french oak flooring are a significant reason to install it in your home. However, there are other benefits of french oak floors from their beauty.

Here are some of the benefits of French Oak floors:

Durable Floors

Durability is one of the most critical factors when choosing a floor for your home or office. The French oak floor has the durability of a regular oak floor. The only difference is the oak wood originates from France.

If you install french oak floors in your home, you can rest assured of the durability of the floors. Irrespective of the traffic, this floor offers you the same strength and sturdiness that oak floors will offer.

On the hardness scale, the French oak floor has a 1360 rate. This figure keeps it on the same level as white oak and higher than red oak. Therefore, you can rest assured that your floor will hold onto any pressure from the users.

Increases Home Value

Wood floors are the second most popular floors in Europe. In Canada, the wood floor market is on a continuous rise. These trends show that wood floors have some value amongst the populace.

Apart from the aesthetic benefits of French oak flooring, it increases the value of your home. French floors give your home that European home appearance, and it’ll attract any buyer immediately.

It’s important to note that the value a french floor will add to your home depends on the authenticity and installation. So when installing french oak flooring, it’s better to get the best. That way, you’ll appreciate your home’s value by a fault.

increases home value


Given the many advantages of French oak flooring, it’s normal if you assume it’s expensive. You’re not exactly wrong, as french oak floors are costlier than regular oak floors. However, when you consider the features and durability of the floor, it’s a cost-effective option.

It’s more durable than regular oak flooring, and you may not need to maintain the floor for a decade. The decor benefits of French oak are one of the primary reasons for its high price. But unlike oak floors, French oak flooring retains its beauty while lasting long.

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Long Lasting

Generally, oak floors last long. Since French oak flooring is a type of oak floor, it should last longer. However, what stands this floor out is its ability to retain its features after a long time.

French oak floors create an excellent resistance to dents and scratches, making them retain their appearance. If you install the French oak floor and maintain it correctly, it can outlive you.

The French oak floors’ color hardly fades or stains; hence, you don’t need frequent refinishing.

Easy Maintenance

If you know what a french Oak floor looks like, you’ll agree that it requires minimal maintenance. It takes consistent and conscious effort to dent or scratch the surface of the French floor. Therefore, your regular cleaning routine at intervals is enough to maintain the beauty of french oak flooring.

As much as possible, try to clean with soap and cleaners minimally. At intervals, you can add wood floor shiners to increase sharpness.

easy maintenance

It resists Rot

A known disadvantage of solid oak wood flooring is it rots in dam areas after a while. However, one advantage of the beautiful French Oak flooring is its rot resistance. French oak floors contain tannin at high levels, and this compound resists rot quickly.

Apart from protecting the floor from rot, the high tannin content has other uses. One advantage of tannin is that it allows you to combine colors of French Oak flooring.

Typically, combining colors of a French Oak floor shouldn’t be possible. However, it’s likely because of the tannin in the French oak. Combining different colors of French oak floors requires expertise, so confirm before you hire any company for such projects.

Beautiful Pattern and Grain

We saved the best for last! The most vital benefit of French Oak Flooring is its beauty. French Oak floors have a color mixture of yellow, brown, and cognac. However, with tannin, you can achieve grey, coffee, and dark brown colors.

You can trace the beauty of French Oak flooring to its grain pattern. These floors have well-patterned grains that easily hide any scratches or dents quickly.

More so, the color of a french oak floor distributes itself uniformly. So unlike some floor types with distinctive colors, French Oak floors tend to have a traditional appearance. This feature makes them ideal for use in offices and other official buildings.

Lastly, the tannin in French oak floors ensures that it receives any finish correctly.

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beautiful pattern and grain


You can choose solid, engineered, or laminate French Oak flooring. Regardless of your choice, the French oak floor will still live up to its benefits, especially in aesthetics.

At Three Trees Flooring, we vet the originality of all French Oak flooring to ensure its quality. We have experts with a vast experience installing these floors in different colors and patterns. Check out our collection of French oak floors in various designs today!

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