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What Exactly Is Chevron Flooring?

Choosing the right flooring option for your home or office is critical. You must consider the different patterns, strengths, and appearances depending on your preference. Chevron flooring is one of the top choices you can make whether you’re choosing for a home or office.

Often confused with herringbone flooring, chevron flooring has a unique pattern, giving it a beautiful appearance. Therefore, you are enhancing the home or office design apart from getting a durable floor option.

This article will explain chevron flooring, discussing its features, appearance, and advantages. Keep reading if you’re considering chevron flooring for your home or office.

What Is Chevron Flooring?

Chevron flooring is a type of parquet flooring that forms a V-shaped pattern after installation. The design and manufacturing process of the chevron flooring already has the pattern. However, it takes an expert to install chevron floors and get the pattern right.

The pattern of chevron floors may have originated from the military uniforms during the Napoleon Era. But today, it is a common and attractive pattern in homes and residences.

Chevron flooring delivers an elegant and noticeable result if installed correctly. Chevron flooring also gives you options on finishing, grading, and different sizes.

The Chevron floor planks are smaller than the regular wood floors. Also, there is a 45° finish at the end of each chevron wood plank. The finish at the ends differentiates chevron flooring from other parquet floorings, including herringbone floors.

Most, if not all, parquet floors have a 90-degree finish at the end. However, the 45° finish at the ends of the chevron flooring is responsible for the resulting v-shape pattern.

What Are the Features of Chevron Flooring?

The main feature to identify a chevron floor is the diagonal stripes that meet at the edges. The chevron flooring appearance is elegant, with a perfect V on all the designs. If you cannot notice an ideal V pattern, it’s not chevron flooring, or the installation is not perfect.

Some of the most common features of chevron flooring include the following;

  • The most common wood used for chevron flooring is oak. However, some manufacturers also use iroko and teak, amongst others.
  • The block sizes of chevron flooring are either 14x70cm, 11.5x60cm, 9x54cm, or 9x60cm.
  • The edges of chevron flooring have a 45 degrees’ finish. However, you can finish the edge to 60° based on the design you want to achieve.

The V-shaped pattern of chevron flooring is already good enough for a design. However, if you do not want this design option, you can opt for an arrow design.

Chevron flooring also has a way of making your room feel longer if you install it properly. This floor’s stripes are long and follow a regular pattern, making a small room appear longer than expected.

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features of chevron flooring

How to Install Chevron Flooring?

Installing chevron flooring requires accuracy and specific dimensions. Therefore, it is better to contact an expert to install the floor. The expert understands what chevron floor looks like and has the experience to install it with the required design.

Some of the steps involved in the installation of chevron flooring include;

  • Measuring the room: The first thing to do is to get the dimensions of the proposed area to cover with the chevron floor. The room area is critical to the perfect results and pattern of the chevron flooring option. You may need to alter the design if you do not adequately measure the room’s area.
  • Purchase the chevron floor: Buying the chevron floor is a daunting decision because you first need to determine the appropriate wood type. After that, you must decide whether you want the floor finished or unfinished. If you buy an unfinished floor, you can choose your design pattern, but you need an expert to help you fit it.
  • Check the subfloor: The state of the floor beneath your chevron flooring is crucial to its installation and performance. You should only check your subfloor independently if you have technical experience. It’s better to schedule a meeting with an expert installing the floor and have them check it correctly.

If you buy blocks of the chevron floor with an existing design, you can install it yourself. However, getting accurate patterns for chevron floors is a skill that comes with experience.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Chevron Flooring

Chevron floors are increasing in popularity because of their many benefits. The advantages of chevron flooring outweigh its disadvantages. Some of these advantages include the following;

  • Fantastic appearance: The major benefit of chevron flooring is its design pattern. The lines intersecting at the edges deliver uniform, simple, and exotic aesthetics.
  • Durable flooring option: Chevron floors are generally wood floors, so the durability is sure. If you have a chevron floor made of oak, you should expect the durability that oak floors offer.
  • Design liberty: Chevron floor designs are dynamic, per the installation’s creativity and the user’s preference. The floor allows you to choose your design based on what you like.

The main disadvantages of the chevron floor are the cost and the dimension constraints.

You will be spending over $20,000 to install chevron flooring in a room area of 3000ft², including installation costs. However, If you have the experience to install the floor, you will save more than $10,000.

On the other hand, you need to take the room’s exact dimensions and do some calculations to get the right amount of flooring blocks to buy. If you get the room size wrong, you will buy a larger or smaller amount of chevron floor blocks, which will alter the design.

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In Short

Chevron flooring is a good choice because of its appearance and durability. The floor transforms the look of your home or office, making it look bigger. However, you will only enjoy the benefits of chevron floors if you install them correctly.

Only a select wood flooring companies understand the process of fitting a chevron floor. General flooring expertise isn’t enough to pattern chevron floors. You need experience with chevron floors to pattern them accordingly.

At Three Trees Flooring, we have experience delivering chevron flooring in different patterns. Our team will take accurate dimensions of the space to cover, ensuring uniformity in our designs.

Look through our online store or call (416) 665-2624 to discuss Chevron flooring options.

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