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What Are the Advantages of Chevron Patterned Floors?

Chevron patterned floors are a form of parquet floors where the edges meet at a point to form a V-shape. They have a 45° angle to ensure that the floors meet at the edge. The distinctive design and uniformity have made Chevron one of Canada’s most common flooring options.

Experts predict the global flooring market to reach $55.8 billion in revenue by 2026. The expected market growth rate in Canada is over 20% yearly. You’re not making a mistake if you’re choosing chevron wood flooring for your office or home.

We’ll share some of the many benefits of Chevron floors in this article to motivate you to make that purchase.

Advantages of Chevron Patterned Floors

Chevron floors have benefits that range from its purchase to after its installation. Some of these numerous benefits include;

1.   Exotic and Beautiful Aesthetics

The most important factor when choosing a flooring option is how it looks. Regarding aesthetics, Chevron patterned floors are one of the most beautiful flooring options. It is the perfect blend of simplicity and elegance on your floors.

The lines of these floors form an arrow pattern that increases the visibility of the room features. So if you have paintings and sculptures in the room, it becomes more visible.

The lines meeting at the edges give a mobile and relaxing feeling. So it seems your floor moves as you take steps around the space.

Surprisingly, the aesthetical benefits of Chevron floors don’t depend on the type of hardwood used. All you need is a good design and a professional that can install it accurately. Irrespective of the wood type, quality and color, the floor will still look elegant.

2.   It is a Cost-effective Flooring Option.

Costing is very crucial when installing a floor in your home or office. Chevron flooring isn’t the cheapest floor option, but it is one of the most cost-effective.

Most times, installing a chevron floor will cost $20,000 for an area of around 2500ft². It is low if you compare this cost to other diagonal floor options. Some of the factors affecting the price of chevron floors include;

  • The wood type: Chevron floors allow you to use different kinds of wood. The wood cost usually increases based on the wood’s strength, style, thickness, and other features.
  • The labor cost: Labor costs are a significant factor when installing Chevron floors. Installing chevron flooring may be easy but tricky, so you need technical experience.
  • Finishing: You can paint and finish your Chevron floor to suit the design of the space to your preference. However, it contributed to the cost.
  • Subfloor: The state of the floor you want to install the chevron flooring affects the overall cost. You may need to break or maintain that floor for the perfect installation, which increases the cost.

If you have experience installing a chevron floor, you will save almost half of the installation costs.

Chevron floor is cost-effective because you can restore it after it loses its strength and quality over time. You will spend less on repairing the damaged parts of the floor.

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cost-effective flooring option

3.   Its Installation Procedure is Easy.

One of the common reasons to install a chevron floor is its easy installation.

The hard part of chevron floor installation is usually on paper during the calculation and design stage. Once all results are correct, laying the blocks of chevron floors is easy.

Here is the process involved with installing a chevron floor:

  • Inspection: This is the first step, where the expert checks and measures the space for the installation. At this point, you’ll discuss design options based on the existing or predictable aesthetics in the room.
  • Calculation: After measuring the size of the room and choosing a design, you need to calculate the number of floor blocks required. This is a crucial part of chevron-patterned floor installation because a mistake will completely alter the target design.
  • Floor Purchase: This is the stage where you buy the chevron floor. It’s usually better to customize it for your needs to ensure accuracy.
  • Subfloor and site preparation: Depending on the existing floor in the space, the expert will need to prepare the floor for the installation.
  • Floor installation: After following the processes above, the laying process is usually straightforward. The only requirement at this point is to follow the design and calculations.

4.   Chevron Floors are Dynamic and Versatile.

One of the many benefits of Chevron flooring is its dynamism. You can use some flooring options in only specific parts of your home. However, you can use a chevron floor in parts of the room.

Putting it in a small space makes it look longer, and if in a prominent place, it works perfectly. Also, with chevron floors, there are no limitations in the type of wood or vinyl you can use to construct.

Likewise, there are no limitations in the design you can create with the chevron flooring. Every day, there are new chevron flooring designs released by different brands daily. You’re good to go if you can think of a creative way to make the V-shape with the floor.

5.   Easy Maintenance

What many chevron flooring users like about it is the little effort to maintain it. Whether you use white or brown wood for your chevron floors, the maintenance follows the same rule. As the wood and installation are of good quality, you don’t need to worry much about maintenance.

Mostly, you only need to sweep and mop the floor gently to make it clean. You can use unique products at intervals to ensure that your floor shine stays strong.

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good quality

In Short

Installing a chevron-patterned floor in your home or office is a good investment. The floors last long, have an elegant design, and won’t stress you to maintain.

If the floor loses its features after consistent use, you can still restore it. However, you’ll only enjoy the advantages of chevron patterned floors if you have the right professional to install them.

At Three Trees Flooring, we have the requisite personnel and machinery to make and customize your chevron-patterned floor to your taste. Check out our collection of chevron flooring in different designs.

Or call (416) 665-2624 to discuss chevron flooring patterns.

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