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How to Spot a Quality Chevron Floor Design?

In the hardwood flooring industry, quality is the main factor. Fortunately, Chevron floor designs are among the best floorings on the hardwood market.

Chevron designs have become increasingly popular as the ideal choice for flooring in recent years. In Canada, the market size for Chevron flooring grew more quickly than the whole construction industry.

Despite the rising popularity, it can be difficult to know what Chevron floors look like? After all, the zigzag pattern isn’t exclusive to the Chevron floor. Another example of a hardwood flooring design resembling Chevron floors is the herringbone floor.

So, how do you identify quality Chevron design? How do you also differentiate the Chevron pattern from the herringbone design?

What are Chevron Floor Designs?

Chevron floor designs date far back to the 14th century. The pattern was popular among embroidery and knitting designs. Back then, the design was known as the Flame Stitch, and it was a favourite of the princess of Hungary.

In addition, the Chevron pattern is a symbol used in military ranking. The sharply pointed middle denotes the hierarchy of an official. Hence, the Chevron symbol is steeped in rich history.

Furthermore, the Chevron design gained popularity in France as architects used it for the most exquisite rooms belonging to the royal monarch at the time.

Due to the quality, Chevron floor designs made their way into England around the 17th century. The queen of England at the time was inspired by the Chevron designs she had seen in France. So, she brought the designs over to England.

Nowadays, Chevron patterns can be seen in a lot of contemporary homes around the world. The uniform pattern brings a flair that isn’t common with other floorings.

Identifying Chevron Blocks

The Chevron floor designs feature a distinct look that makes them stand out. The primary identifier of a Chevron design is the zigzag patterns that end with sharp points. Also, the cut at the ends of the Chevron blocks makes them look like a “V,” which is the most significant identifier.

The “V” shape comes from the sharp ends that have been cut to fit into each other perfectly. The name Chevron is a symbol associated with the “V” shape, which is also reminiscent of a particular oil company.

The “V” shaped blocks of the Chevron flooring design help to give a spacious feel to a room. The Chevron design further adds dimension to the overall aesthetics of the room. The Chevron pattern is the master of illusions creating an accommodating ambience.

identifying chevron blocks

Differentiating Between Chevron and Herringbone Floor Designs

One of the most common confusions with parquet flooring is distinguishing between Chevron and herringbone flooring. However, in this Chevron flooring guide, we’ll highlight the fundamental differences between both parquet flooring.

Chevron floors have a continuous zigzag pattern which is broken in the herringbone. The zigzag patterns converge at a sharp point on the Chevron floor and repeat continuously.

The Chevron floor design manifests by cutting its wood pieces at acute angles. The angles are attached to create the sharp point. Additionally, the resulting “V” shapes are symmetrical.

As for the herringbone pattern, the floorboards are cut into perfect rectangles and fitted together in a staggered zigzag formation. Also, the wood isn’t cut at any angle like the Chevron pattern. Hence, the herringbone blocks do not form at sharp points.

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Types of Chevron Designs

Chevron flooring designs may all appear in the same format. However, there are two main slight variations to the Chevron pattern. The small changes have to do with the cutting angle on the wood.

45 Degree Chevron Design

The Chevron floor can be cut at a 45-degree angle. Hence, this type of Chevron cut is popular for hallways and corridors. The sharper points guide the directional flow of the floor.

60 Degree Chevron Design

The more popular quality Chevron floor designs are cut at a 60-degree angle. This 60-degree angle cut Chevron blocks are typically found in sitting and dining rooms.

The wider 60-degree angles give the illusion of space. Hence, the floor appears broader and more welcoming.

30 Degree Chevron Design

When looking to buy Chevron flooring, you’re less likely to come across this Chevron design.

The 30-degree Chevron floor design isn’t limited to floorboards alone. The sharper points allow this Chevron design to be used for wall designs as well.

chevron design

Sources and Forms of Chevron Floors

Now that you know what Chevron floors look like, it’s time to discuss their sources. We already elaborated that Chevron floors are hardwood floors. Therefore, Chevron floors are hewn from natural hardwood.

The most common source of Chevron floors is oak. Oak is a durable and long-lasting natural wood. The wood will last several years to decades while maintaining its structural integrity.

However, other hardwood sources can be used to make Chevron floors. Examples of these wood sources are:

  • Iroko
  • Teak
  • Walnut

Each of these hardwoods has varying perks, so when buying Chevron flooring, inquire about its source. Knowledge of the source of the wood will guide your decision on where you’ll place the floorboards.

Furthermore, you can get your Chevron blocks in prefinished or unfinished forms. Prefinished means that the Chevron blocks have already been stained and coated from the factory. On the other hand, the unfinished blocks are fresh from the manufacturer and have no stains or coats applied.

As your guide in Chevron flooring, we advise you to go for prefinished Chevron floors to hasten your installation process. However, if you’re building your house from scratch, the unfinished blocks are ideal.

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In Short

Chevron floor designs are the latest flooring trend sweeping through Canada. And you can easily recognize them thanks to their sharp-pointed “V” floorboards.

Are you looking to change that unappealing floorboard of the new home you moved into? Choose chevron floor designs and boost your home’s resale value.

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