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How Much Does Herringbone Wood Floors Cost?

Your property will get excellent characteristics and personality from installing herringbone wood flooring. Many homeowners claim it raises their homes’ resale value. Herringbone floors also add strength, style, and colour to any space.

It is thus not unexpected that there is an excellent demand for herringbone flooring and that many people are open to implementing a herringbone pattern.

This article will address herringbone wood floor costs and factors that affect how much you’ll need to spend, such as the shape of the space, the state of the subfloor, and even where you reside.

What is the Average Price of Installing Herringbone Floors?

In Canada, the average cost of herringbone flooring installation is between $3,502 and $4,000. The typical rate includes labour as well as supplies and other expenses. However, herringbone flooring installation can reach $9,000 in cost as well.

Although it is not a typical floor construction technique, some homeowners enjoy laying herringbone floors on existing flooring. So, expect to pay between $4 and $7 per square foot if you’re putting herringbone over your current flooring. This procedure is more expensive since levelling the existing floor for herringbone hardwood installation requires additional labour.

However, experts do not advise installing herringbone flooring over an old floor. The price of installing a herringbone wood floor per square foot is significantly reduced by removing an existing base.

Upgrading the subfloor or adding more hardwood to the herringbone pattern might increase the price to $10 per square foot.

The Cost of Preparation

The budget for early preparation work should be considered when noting how much herringbone wood floors will cost. The amount you spend on preparation depends on how much work needs to be done. For example, if the house is old, you may need to remove the present floor and subfloor.

Using current concrete as your subfloor is a less expensive option than plywood. Check for borders, ramps, transition strips, and doors that need to be removed while preparing the flooring.

Some installers could be kind enough to provide free assistance moving your furniture, while others would not. All hardwood floors should ideally be laid on 3/4-inch plywood subfloors. Hence, plywood subfloor prices range from $9 to $15 per square foot.

You might need assistance cleaning up the debris following the herringbone wood floor installation. You are likely to pay between $100 and $150 for this. You’ll spend less on this service if you hire a qualified team.

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the cost of preparation

Cost of Labour for Installing Herringbone Floors

The herringbone wood floor installation’s labour charges ranges from $4 to $8 per square foot. However, you may pay $6 to $10 for more challenging installations.

In addition, certain labourers charge by the hour, such as carpenters and joiners. For instance, a carpenter typically charges between $30 and $70 per hour to lay herringbone wood flooring.

Typically, a two or three-person installation crew can install herringbone flooring of 1000 square feet in 2 to 5 days. However, depending on the size of the floor, it can take even weeks.

You may have to pay a three-person staff $150 per hour for the average cost of herringbone floor installation. Therefore, working with a group of installers is more effective even though employing only one worker for the job is less expensive.

You’ll need the assistance of multiple labourers in addition to skilled installers. Workforce costs can account for up to 60% of the cost of any installation procedure.


You should expect to pay a plumber $30 to $50 per hour. You must hire a plumber if you’re remodelling your kitchen, basement, bathroom, or other areas of your home with pipes.

They save you money when installing herringbone wood floors by preventing costs due to leaking pipes. Therefore, the plumbers are cost-effective.


When you buy herringbone wood floors in Canada, you can select from a wide variety. Consequently, it’s important to develop a layout to fit your area with an architect’s assistance. They typically charge $40 to $50 an hour.


The average carpenter in Ontario charges $45 to $60. Carpenters influence how much to install herringbone floors because they’re responsible for cutting the wood planks into parquet-like pieces.


Factors Affecting the Cost of Installing Herringbone Floors

The following variables will influence how much you spend on a new herringbone wood floor:


Wastage is the additional material left after the precise room measurement has been taken. Here, the joint method (tongue and groove or click system) and the room’s design determine how much waste is required.

On a big square or rectangle-shaped space, you should typically allow for between 10-15% waste when using a tongue and groove-designed herringbone. The proportion will rise if the area contains characteristics like nooks or irregular structures.

The Room’s Shape

The room’s shape may seem like a noticeable component that will raise the herringbone wood floor cost. However, it doesn’t just apply to the quantity of product needed to cover the floor. The shape can also affect how complex the installation will be, impacting how much wastage allowance, development, and labour time are required.

The number of doorways can also affect price, mainly if the flooring is installed after lintels since the latter will cover the expansion gap. As a result, a large single room with herringbone flooring will be less expensive to build than numerous smaller rooms connected by a hallway.

Skill Set and Experience of the Installer

A seasoned fitter will often charge more for their services when considering how much to install the herringbone floors. However, the advantage of hiring a highly qualified flooring installer is that you can be confident of beautiful results without any installation-related problems.

Herringbone hardwood floors require precise measuring, cutting, and fitting. Therefore, they’re always more challenging to install than alternative hardwood options. Consequently, paying for an experienced installer’s skillset is always better.

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skill set

The Short Answer

Herringbone wood floors can cost up to $4,000. Although, may be lower depending on variables like space, wastage and the need for extra labour hours.

It’s always better to ensure you get value for your money by buying herringbone floors from reputable suppliers. Here at Three Trees Flooring, we only deliver herringbone wood planks that meet superior manufacturing standards. Look through our online collection to see what we mean.

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