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How Much Does Engineered Hardwood Cost?

In 2019, Grand View Research showed that engineered hardwood made up 52% of North America’s market total revenue generation. These numbers are not surprising, considering the various advantages of engineered flooring.

Yet, despite these advantages, many property owners like yourself still have questions about the cost of engineered hardwood. It may be challenging to decide whether or not engineered hardwood floors are worth the money. Also, there are several factors to consider when attempting to estimate the price of engineered hardwood flooring.

We understand you may be apprehensive, anxious, or stressed about labour expenses and other aspects of the flooring installation. Hence, this guide on engineered hardwood flooring has been put up to answer any likely questions.

Let’s get into it!

Overview: Cost of Engineered Hardwood

In the light of our most recent work, installing engineered hardwood typically costs $4600. Meanwhile, the average engineered hardwood installation price lies between $2,500 and $6,747.

Furthermore, the size of the installation, installation technique, location, and the type of wood you select all play a role in this price range. For example, a small housing project in Toronto will cost less than a large office flooring project in Ontario.

Engineered wood flooring can cost anywhere from $3 to $15 per square foot for domestic wood species. Also, engineered wood flooring can cost as much as solid wood, although those with exotic wood species are likely to be costlier.

The good news is you get to save money on any finishing costs. Engineered wood flooring is constructed from a core layer of plywood or fiberboard and a veneer layer of genuine hardwood. And there’s no need to finish engineered wood on site because it’s pre-finished.

Factors that Influence Cost of Engineered Hardwood Installation

The cost to install engineered hardwood floors depends on crucial factors, including labour and product prices. Below is a quick breakdown of how these factors combine to determine how much you’ll spend on new engineered hardwood flooring.

Hardwood Species

The cost of engineered wood flooring depends on the variant of hardwood you pick. The higher its Janka score, the more expensive it’ll be.

Many hardwoods are above the 3000 mark on the Janka scale. Such hardwoods include Ipe, Macassar and Blackwood. Because of this, engineered flooring constructed from these woods will be a little more pricey than Brazilian cherry or mahogany.

Hickory, maple, cypress, oak, or ash are good options if you’re on a budget. These woods are less expensive, yet they’re nonetheless long-lasting and visually appealing. In addition, softwood engineered flooring manufactured from pine, larch, spruce, cedar, or fir can help you save even more money.

The Location of the Installation

As a general rule, larger flooring areas will cost more money to install. Therefore, you can significantly reduce engineered flooring costs if you only want to use it in one room.

Also, the cost may increase when installing engineered flooring in an unconventional manner, such as on walls or ceilings.

Work Required

Engineered wood flooring costs are also affected by the amount of labour involved in the installation. So, for example, it’ll cost you more if the old flooring has to be removed.

Carpet, padding, and tack strip removal necessitate more time and money. Engineered hardwood installation prices may also rise if major work like repairing cracks or levelling the subfloor is required. Finally, installation costs may increase if the flooring requires intricate finishing in small spaces or additional trimmings.

Labour Requirements

Due to the peculiar nature of some installations, you may expect to pay a premium.

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labour requirements

How to Save Money During Engineered Hardwood Installation

You can save some money on the cost of engineered hardwood with the following tips:

Remove Existing Flooring Yourself

You can save money on engineered hardwood floor installation by ripping up the carpet and even moving the furniture yourself.  With brute strength and determination, it’s possible to remove the existing flooring without any special training.

Make a Few Slight Concessions in Terms Of The Wood’s Quality

You may be pleasantly pleased to learn that a small compromise can save you money. You don’t need the popular wood types to achieve lovely flooring.

Do the Installation Yourself

This option may seem far-fetched. But if you’re a DIY guru, this may be a viable alternative for you to consider.

Buying the Components Yourself

The engineered hardwood flooring costs can increase if you’re asking someone to buy it for you. The cost-saving option is going directly to a flooring store to purchase engineered hardwood flooring planks. You can also check online flooring stores in Ontario.

These alternatives may save you money in the long run. Plus, there’s the outside chance of talking your way into discount that favours your wallet.

The only issue with buying engineered hardwood floor planks yourself is quality. A seasoned flooring expert can easily spot sub-standard engineered hardwood planks. However, a first-time flooring buyer like yourself will need to pay extra attention and probably seek a few expert recommendations.

Reduce the Project into Small Bits

It’s possible to save costs on engineered hardwood flooring if you understand how your income stream works. With such understanding, you can systematically plan the installation process depending on when you’ll have money to complete each phase.

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small bits

Final Thoughts

Engineered hardwood costs can reach $6,000 depending on the flooring project’s size and complexity. More importantly, we’ve explained how you can tweak factors like labour to reduce engineered hardwood installation costs.

As mentioned earlier, in trying to reduce the cost of installing engineered hardwood floors, you may want to get the needed materials yourself. And we’re ready to help in that regard.

Three Trees Flooring delivers top-quality engineered hardwood floors, which are excellent value for money. Plus, they also come in beautiful designs that you’ll instantly love. Look through our online collection today.

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