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How Much Does It Cost to Install Wide Plank Floors?

There are few design pieces as elegant and earthy as hardwood floors in any house. And you’re particularly on an exotic level when you install wide plank hardwood floors. The result is typically aesthetic, durable, and exciting for decorative experiments.

Traditional wide plank floors are products of solid and reclaimed woods. This origin gives the floorboards a rough, hewn appearance. Plus, wide planks can be polished with a smooth texture similar to other types of hardwood flooring. Therefore, you’re getting a beautiful wood material.

However, knowing the cost of wide plank floors is vital before you take any concrete steps. Therefore, this article will show the price of this flooring. We’ll also discuss factors that influence installation costs for wide plank flooring.

Cost to Install a Wide Plank Floor in Ontario

The average cost of a wide plank floor is between $5 and $12 per square foot. But the installation fees may mean an additional $3 to $4 for every square foot. However, labour costs should be minimal since you’ll use fewer boards when installing wide plank floors.

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install a wide plank floor in ontario

Factors that Determine the Cost to Install Wide Plank Floors

Inexpensive or pricey flooring installation depends on several things. This section will examine several variables affecting the wide plank flooring installation project.

Effort Committed to Laying Flooring

Simply refinishing existing flooring is a good option for managing expenses. But it’ll require effort and person-hours to transform the existing flooring into a stunning showplace using wide plank boards. Therefore, installation costs may rise if more labour is needed.

Fixing water damage or structural difficulties may also influence how much it takes to install wide floors. You must inevitably settle such issues to avoid future challenges with the flooring.

House Structure

You need to consider your property’s style and quirks in the bid to install wide plank floors. For example, single-family homes without anyone living below them have different priorities.

Conversely, those with neighbours beneath them have differing concerns too. You’re likely limited to using specific flooring materials if you have neighbours beneath the installation space.

As a result, you may need to investigate your condominium’s rules. You can expect changes in the installation project’s cost if there are any extenuating circumstances.

Your Subfloor Type

Subflooring can be either concrete or wooden. And it’s essential to consider the subfloor before you install a wide plank floor.

Linoleum and tiles will do well on concrete or untreated subfloors. But you’re toying with water damage if you install wide plank flooring without first attending to the subfloor. And making wooden subfloors for wide planks will likely cost a sum.

Additionally, the sub-flooring type also dictates the ideal adhesive for the installation job. This symbiotic relationship also influences the average cost of installing wide plank floors.

installation expenses

Total Square Footage

The cost to install a wide plank is pretty pricey per square foot. Therefore, it’s better to treat the installation space’s square footage as a primary consideration before you buy wide plank flooring.

Installation expenses will always rise proportionally to the renovated space’s size. But, you can also save money on installation costs for a wide plank floor by managing the square footage.

Remember, revamping your home doesn’t equal ripping up all the floorboards. You may simply focus on a single room if it’s too expensive to floor the whole house fully.

Labour Fees

Most times, flooring isn’t something you can do yourself. You’ll likely need the assistance of professional contractors.

The cost of labour is a significant component in determining the final cost after the conclusion of material prices. A floor installation expert will visit you to assess the situation. Afterwards, they’ll hand you a quote.

Labour costs will increase if the old covering needs removal before new installation can begin. Therefore, the total cost price will also reflect the required human effort.

Flooring Style

Your flooring design greatly influences the final results. Likewise, the design choice also influences installation expenses. Your installer will charge more for a trendy look that’s in demand. But you must remember that elegance and durability aren’t always guaranteed companions.

Therefore, it’s wise to get the opinion of floor installers and interior decorators before settling on a design. It’s more cost-effective than starting over after a few months.

Setup and Unforeseen Costs

Going the DIY route without the necessary expertise will likely increase installation costs compared to hiring professionals. You may be lucky to get the material purchase right regarding cost and quality.

However, you’re at serious risk of incorrectly installing the wide plank flooring. And this misplacement may cost you to invest more, especially if you can’t stand the sight of distorted flooring.

Miscellaneous expenses in the form of extra flooring boards and adhesive may be a factor.  So, your budget for wide plank flooring installation should include such eventualities too.

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setup and unforeseen costs

Final Thoughts

The price to install a wide plank floor can go as high as $16. But as earlier discussed, several factors determine precisely how much your installation project costs.

Here at Three Trees Flooring, we can ensure you’re getting excellent value for money spent installing wide plank floors. Our online catalogue houses top-quality wide plank floors in designs you’ll love.

Look through our catalogue or call us to learn more.

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