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Why Choose Wide Wood Planks?

Interior decorations improve the aesthetics of your home. And one variable that dramatically enhances your home look and shows your class is your flooring. This reason is why you’re on an elegant level if your flooring is wide wood planks.

Hardwood not only beautifies your apartment but adds value to your home. It has a traditional appearance and makes your space an exotic exhibition. Likewise, wide plank hardwood flooring will suit you if you like antique styles.

We understand you’re considering installing wide wood flooring in your present or future house. Or perhaps it’s in your office you want to make the installation.

It’s only logical to seek more information before choosing wide wood planks. And we have a compilation of wide wood plank advantages and disadvantages for you.

Here, we’ll go through the benefits and drawbacks of wide plank flooring to further inform your installation decision.

Without wasting time, let’s get into it.

Benefits of Wide Wood Planks

The timeless attractiveness of timber is why it seamlessly fits for modern home design. This perk is why wide wood planks have grown so famous for flooring. This hardwood flooring allows you to create a trendy design in your house or workplace while maintaining a traditional appearance.

Follow us as we assist you in answering queries such as “should I install wide plank hardwood flooring?”

We’ll start with the benefits of wide plank hardwood flooring.

1. Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

It’s pretty simple to clean wide wood plank flooring. Therefore, you’ll have no trouble keeping it clean.

The floor is inherently stains and liquid-spill-resistant. This feature makes wiping and brushing your wide plank floor a breeze. As a result, you won’t have to worry about pets or kids polluting your home.

Whether you have pets or allergies, you needn’t worry. Wide plank flooring doesn’t trap dust mites, ticks, and fleas. These broad plank floors are more sanitary than carpeted floors.

Also, you no longer have to nurse concerns about nasty odours oozing from pets or spilt liquids. This confidence is due to the ease with which you can clean wide wood planks.

ease of cleaning

2. Seams Are Fewer In Wide Wood Planks

Another advantage to installing wide wood flooring lies in its minimal seams. Other wood flooring planks are often thin. Therefore, there’ll be multiple seams after installation.

On the other hand, wide plank flooring ensures the lowest number of seams after installation. This claim implies you’ll have little to no trouble enjoying the room’s natural lines and timber.

These elements make your floor appear larger and provide a beautiful view of the vertical grains.

3. Self-Installation

Since these planks are so broad, you won’t have to spend too much time installing them.

A wide wood plank may take up the same area as three or more thin ones. As an example, one 8-inch wide board may replace three 3-inch boards.

You not only save time and money by covering a large area of your space with fewer boards. You’ll also not need to pay for installations. You can simply buy wide plank flooring and install them yourselves.

4. Improves The Value of Your Home

This heading is one of the key benefits of wide wood planks. When you install this wooden flooring, it instantly adds value to your property.

Most homebuyers will want to avoid carpets since they may cause allergies. A house with hardwood floors appeals to more purchasers and will sell faster than one with carpets — unless something is seriously amiss.

Meanwhile, you get to sell your residence for a higher price. In fact, you’ll be able to sell it faster owing to the dense traffic in favour of properties with broad plank floors.

improves the value

5. Wide Plank Flooring is Sturdy and Long-Lasting

Wide wood planks as flooring also have the advantages of resilience and endurance. Scratches or damage to these flooring is possible. With proper care, they’re extremely difficult to dent.

Wide plank flooring can also handle the most intense foot activity in your house or workplace. Its durability is unquestionable.

6. Wide Plank Flooring Makes Small Rooms Look Bigger

This flooring plank’s name isn’t a mere ceremony. Wide wood planks are broader than other hardwood flooring options available in Ontario. Your space will appear larger and more expansive thanks to the apparent width of these planks.

Wide plank flooring is available in a 5-inch range. And it can also measure up to 21 inches broad. Usually, the manufacturer determines the breadth by focusing on the wood in use and design intuition.

7. Showcase Your Sense of Style

Installing broad plank flooring in your home demonstrates an impressive sense of style. Broad plank flooring not only opens up and warms up your area. It also offers your space a high-end appearance.

The beauty of the illusion of wide boards will enchant your visitors. And it’ll also leave an indelible impression of quality on anybody.

8. The Colour Doesn’t Fade

Carpet floors, for example, quickly lose their appeal. This loss is mainly a result of dirt and moisture retention.

On the other hand, wide wood plank flooring struts chin high in the area of longevity. This hardwood flooring maintains a consistent appearance throughout time. The flooring hue on top-quality wide plank flooring grows lovelier as it ages with proper upkeep.

showcase your sense

9. Refinishing is An Option.

It’s challenging to change the colour of tile, stone, or carpet floorings. If you want to alter the colour of these floorings, you may have to replace them.

However, the case is different with wide plank flooring. Instead, this hardwood flooring allows you to alter the colour of your floor at any moment.

It saves you the expense of replacement and the hassle of reinstallation. For instance, say you buy a new condo with wide wood plank flooring. Say you love the floor’s quality but aren’t a fan of its colouring.

You only need to sand off the wide wood planks’ finishing in the above scenario and refinish it with a preferred stain. It’s that simple and inexpensive.

10. Air Quality Improvements

Wide plank floors, unlike other types of flooring, don’t collect dirt such as pet dander and dust. As a result, the atmosphere in your house will be as fresh as possible.

This characteristic makes broad plank flooring an excellent choice for house owners who suffer from common allergies.

Sure alternative options like laminate and tiles are somewhat impervious to dust and allergens. But these two floorings feature engraving and grouting lines that trap allergies and dirt.

Wide wood planks top the flooring materials if you want optimum air quality in your house.

11. Installation Is Simple.

The idea of DIY installation of wide plank flooring was briefly mentioned previously.

Broad plank flooring is one of the few upscale types of flooring that can undergo installation by a novice with ease.

You can install wide wood planks yourself. All you need is the basic tools for installation, the ability to carefully follow instructions to the letter and plenty of DIY time. You’ll install your sparkling new wide plank floors in no time.

installation is simple

12. Long-lasting

According to one school of thought, broad plank flooring is solid and easy to manage. However, this same school of thought also believes purchasing wide plank floors is expensive.

While the upfront costs may be high, choosing wide wood planks is a cost-effective decision in the long run. This stance focuses on the long-term durability of broad flooring planks.

Carpets, for example, are much less costly than wide plank flooring. However, carpets will need replacements every two years or such.

Calculate the cost of carpet replacement in twelve years. Then, you’ll see how affordable it is to install broad plank flooring on a one-time basis.

Wide wood planks cut it if you want a floor that’ll stand the test of time. After a while, most floors become worn out. They seem aged and unpleasant as a result.

However, wide plank flooring experiences the reverse effect when it gets older. It keeps its pristine appearance and maintains its high quality. As a result, it significantly rises in value with time.

Meanwhile, refurbishment is a great option to modify your flooring style.

13. Wide Plank Flooring Is Cost-effective

There are several different types of wide wood planks for flooring. In addition, wide plank flooring is available in a variety of styles. And these styles come in many hues and grades.

This range allows you to select the ideal finish to complement your lifestyle. So not only can you choose a floor that complements your decor. You also can select a grade that’s within your budget.

flooring is cost-effective

14. Underground Heating

Wide plank flooring retains and emits warmth better because of its natural characteristics. When you compare this flooring type to others like stone and tile during winter, you’ll understand this.

This hardwood flooring is ideal if you reside in the more chilly areas of Ontario. You may also install underfloor heating with wide plank flooring.

Underfloor heating is one of the most common ways to heat your house throughout the winter months.

15. Sandable

The number of times you can sand your broad plank lamella is a function of its thickness.

After a long period, re-sanding is like re-awakening your floor. Also, you can get rid of any scratches or stains you don’t like by sanding.

16. Fits Any Interior Design

Hardwood flooring has two distinct characteristics that always give it an edge. And these are versatility and adaptability. Fortunately, wide plank flooring has both features.

Whatever your interior design style is, the installation of broad plank flooring will seamlessly fit. As long as you install wide plank flooring, you may modify the style of your space at any moment. There’ll never be a colour in your interior decoration that feels inappropriate.

Furthermore, the natural grain colours of broad plank flooring can provide you with colour options. So if you enjoy colour mixing experiments, you’re in for a lot of fun.

interior design

17. Excellent Purchase

When purchasing any form of flooring, cost and budget are key considerations. These factors determine several choices.

Luckily, wide plank flooring is available at different prices to suit your budget.You’re also making a wise investment, regardless of where the installation takes place. Wide wood planks as flooring transport you into the realm of movie fantasies. It provides you with a classic style that goes well with rustic decor.

The texture and inherent grain of the wood shine through in wide wood planks. As a result, the aesthetic appeal of your floor improves significantly.

Since wide wood planks comprise recycled wood, they commonly have knots and scratches. These ‘flaws’ offer a lot of character to your wide plank flooring.

If your home is farmhouse-style, chic, or classic, you’ll love wide plank flooring.

18. Improve Your Home’s Acoustics

Wood absorbs sound and vibrations admirably. That’s why oak flooring is the standard in professional studios and theatres. These floors help in sound creation and amplification.

In other words,  choose wide wood planks if you’d love your house or workspace to sound amazing.

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Drawbacks of Wide Wood Planks

Unlike other floorings, the allure of wood lasts for ages and is unlikely to fade. So, wide plank flooring is here to stay in the flooring game.

But espite its many benefits, we must admit that broad plank flooring does have some drawbacks. And we’ll then bring them to your attention.

Moisture Can Damage Wide Plank Flooring

Wide plank flooring has fewer seams than thin board flooring. As such, it’s prone to warping or cupping, particularly when the humidity changes.

One of the main reasons planks aren’t a good idea in humid climates is the above.

Hardwood floors contract and expand as humidity levels fluctuate. Wide wood planks suffer the most from this issue.

Kiln drying, on the other hand, can fix the problem. However, you will incur additional expenses here.

damage flooring

Flooring With Wide Planks Is Costly

Wide plank flooring is significantly more costly than other types of hardwood planks. In addition, the cost of the wide wood planks is generally a result of the type of wood in use.

For example, wide planks are less expensive when built from salvaged wood. However, If built from fresh/crude solid hardwood, they’ll be costlier.

You May Find DIY Methods Challenging

Installing carpets, laminates, and vinyl floors using DIY methods is easier. However, broad plank flooring may be a challenge, even if you’re a DIY lover.

Wide plank flooring installation necessitates strict adherence to protocols to produce a beautiful and flawless appearance.

Wide plank installation demands a high level of competence to handle warping and cupping problems. You need to install them, ensuring to avoid gaps and cracks.

Tongue-and-groove edges are also present on recently made wide plank flooring. On the other hand, reclaimed wood needs you to nail them into the floor joists.

DIY methods

It’s Difficult To Find Them

Not all hardwood producers produce wide plank flooring. This issue is due to its manufacturing costs and its retail price. Wide boards are therefore hard to come by. This difficulty can cause an extension in your project’s timeline.

Why Do We Think You Should Choose Wide Wood Planks?

Installing broad plank wood flooring can transform your room from ordinary to extraordinary. It does, however, have its own set of problems. And you’ve already seen them in the brief highlights.

But you now know wide wood planks will give your home a vintage look. You may also install it in less time and by yourself. In addition, wide plank flooring will make your space appear larger. And it’s also simple to clean.

Meanwhile, the ever-rising use of wide wood planks for flooring speaks volumes too. It shows you can’t go wrong with these hardwood flooring.

In a nutshell, we think the benefits of wide wood planks are way more than the drawbacks. Therefore, you can make your buying and installation decisions with wide plank flooring in mind.

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choose wide wood planks


Everything has two sides. First, there’s good, then bad. In the case of wide wood planks, the benefits appear to exceed the drawbacks.

As a result, installing broad plank flooring is an excellent choice. And we at Three Trees Flooring have an expansive catalogue of wide plank flooring designs to catch your fancy. They’re not merely durable and long-lasting. They’re also fashionable and inexpensive.

Look through our online store today to place an order.

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