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Best Custom Colour Hardwood Flooring Options

Hardwood flooring has become a popular choice due to its design evolution, aesthetics, and value addition.

An additional perk is the possibility to choose a custom colour hardwood flooring. This perk ensures you’ll find a fitting floor colour regardless of your interior decoration ideas.

You may be on the verge of deciding to install hardwood in your home. We’re glad to inform you that you’re making a fantastic decision.

Hardwood flooring not only beautifies and warms your space. But it also increases the valuation of your apartment if you choose to sell in the future. And unlike most floorings, you can refinish your hardwood flooring at any time.

We understand you’ll need floor colour ideas to suit your new home interior. But we can’t tell the designs or colours you may have in mind.

That’s why we’re providing you with a comprehensive of custom colour options for hardwood flooring. You’re sure to find the perfect fit for your interior decoration setup.

Let’s go!

Before Colouring Wood Flooring

Selecting a custom colour for your hardwood flooring unravels several comely design perspectives. For example, it’s not only possible to stain your wood flooring to give life to its natural colour. But you can apply coloured paint over the top if it’s a layered design.

Also, for instance, you may decide to jumpstart your hardwood flooring journey with white oak wood. Let’s further imagine the source of this white oak wood flooring is reclaimed wood. As such, the surface is bare and up for creative expressions.

You should choose an overlaying option for the above instead of just coating the whole floor in a bright colour. You can create an illusionary diamond or any design with stripes.

The above design will look amazing in combination with the contrasting colours of the reclaimed wood, white oak, and coating. It’ll give you a floating impression, and that’s how to beautify hardwood flooring.

Meanwhile, you need to conduct a strain test before deciding on custom colours for hardwood flooring. This test is important because no two strains have the same colour absorbing and staining properties.

For example, maple hardwood slowly absorbs colour. Meanwhile, counterparts like pine easily and quite efficiently soak in coatings.

Furthermore, you should consider the wood’s natural colour before jumping on hardwood floor colour trends. This caution is necessary because wood species have varying shades.

These species are different shades of dark and various shades of light. And these shades have parts to play in the hue you eventually choose for your wood flooring.


Making the Smart Custom Colour Choice

There are three shades of custom colours for hardwood flooring that you should know. And they are Natural, Light, and Dark.

Natural Tones

This hardwood flooring shares similarities with the colours typical of raw wood. They’re the definition of classic, considering their exhibition of natural wood colours.

Every wood species possesses its inbuilt traits and beauty. Therefore, you get an enhancement of their natural qualities when you use translucent finishing for your flooring.

Light Tones

In recent times, lighter wood flooring has risen to fame among the best colour designs for hardwood flooring. A typical example is the whitewashed flooring. The whitewashed flooring has become a popular choice for its contemporary and glossy-clean potential.

Light tones/stains not only augment the beauty of the natural wood. But it further ensures the colour consistency on the entire flooring.

Dark Tones

Hardwood floors with dark colours is a classic trend transcending into the contemporary limelight. Its reception among homeowners has been tremendous from way back. And it’s a top choice among popular hardwood floor colouring because of its original and ageless feeling.

All dark shades, from black hues to deep browns to reddish browns and dark grey, will enthral you. Their blend of panache and class is indisputable.

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Top Custom Colour Hardwood Flooring Ideas

Adding a beautiful custom colour to hardwood flooring does two major things. First, it improves the wooden floor’s natural grain patterns and also gives a colour that adds to the glamour of a distinct floor outlook.

You’ll often notice hardwood floor installations in areas of the home that get the most visual attention. This positioning is because hardwood flooring creates an exotic impression of you in people who visit you. You’ll be adding a chip to their perception of you if you beautify your hardwood floors with unique colours.

Therefore, draw inspiration from the following custom colours for your hardwood flooring project. Remember, your floor stain choice can make or mar your interior decor outcome.


1. Light blend with Natural

Colours can affect the look of your space in diverse ways. For example, dark colours give your room a dramatic traditional look. On the other hand, a light hue will make your room feel trendy and posh. Examples of light and natural colours are, peculiarly, white stains.

You’re on course with white tones if you’re looking for how to beautify hardwood flooring in almost any location.

This light-natural wood flooring is one to try in your kitchen. They appear amazing!

The mild hue variance of light-natural tones allows the wood’s crude colour to glitter through. Meanwhile, it doesn’t hinder the floor colour from blending with dark tones likely in use in nearby areas.

2. Rustic Variation

This flooring colour option is for you if your hardwood flooring is made of reclaimed wood. There’s surplus natural patina in a reclaimed wood floor, and it’s usually evident through the planks.

As wood ages, it becomes a darker shade of its original colour. The depth of this change depends on the wood’s use and environmental factors.

Reclaimed wood possesses an array of hue, character, and variation. And these factors allow you to explore a plethora of colours. Therefore, you have the opportunity to explore several colours to arrive at a custom colour for your reclaimed hardwood flooring.

3. Gray Undertones

For a long time, gray has maintained a classic image in interior design. In fact, it’s a colour trend that doesn’t need to trend to stay in vogue.

Gray’s status in wood flooring is remarkable. It flags a concrete colour that blends well with warm tones.

Gray is a great custom colour for hardwood flooring. The gray undertone will let your wood’s natural grain colour shine through.

In addition, the above style will let you use other warm and cool stains in the same room.

4. Light and Smooth

This hue is another custom colour for hardwood flooring. But unlike the actual gray, it’s way milder. And it also has a gray undertone to it.

Here, white oak hardwoods are the primary agents of achieving this colour. First, there’ll be sanding on the entire floor. Then it results in a generally even and very light tone when it’s smooth. And you’ll see the natural gray/blue tones subtly showing through the veins of the oak planks.

5. Dark and Rich

Dark floors radiate originality and timelessness. They give you the feeling of being immune to deterioration.

Dark colours will suit your taste if you love rustic or modern designs. And it’s perfect for places like living rooms.

Imagine your living room with a deep dark colour that gives your wood grain a black look. Your floor will appear so rich and exotic.

This floor type is excellent for creating a formal outlook in a space. Therefore, it’s also an ideal floor for a home library space.

6. Red Warm Tones

Some stain types grow in beauty over time. And such stains include red/orange tones. This custom colour for hardwood flooring becomes warmer as it ages due to its colour variation.

It’s a floor that makes itself the cynosure of attention in any room. Therefore, it’s your best bet to keep your room decor very simple. Warm red tones won’t only give your room a stylish look but also meet your design expectations.

7. Red-Gold Tones

This custom colour for hardwood flooring provides you with classic warmth. The gold and red undertones blending with the plank’s natural variation results in an irresistible flooring sight.

This hue is one of the best colour designs for hardwood flooring, especially if you want to accentuate bright accents and cream tones in your room.

 8. Rustic Taupe

Rustic colours are usually known to be dark. But that doesn’t mean there can’t be a variation. Meanwhile, taupe is a blend of brown and grey colours.

For example, you may have a reclaimed wood floor that has a generally cool tone.  The addition of brown and gray tones will give your floor and room an amazing rustic feeling. The colour blend results in a neutral one that will synchronize perfectly with any colour you may decide for the rest of your interior.

9. Rustic Variation

This floor thrives on the scars left on it by saws and nails. As a result, these marks exude more of the wood’s patina than other parts of the planks.

So, a neutral coating on your mark-ridden wood produces a semi-formal feeling.  This floor colour is great for spaces like dining rooms and any other semi-formal living space in your home.

10. Classic Pine

The classic pine has one of the most iconic and popular hardwood floor colourings.

This wide plank floor is overall light in tone. But it holds adequate variation in its knotholes and grains to keep it exciting.

You’re right on course if you use this colour style in your home bar. The classic pine creates a beautiful contrast between itself and modern bar stools. Yet, it remains in absolute synchronization with the entire room decor.

11. Cherry Toned

This custom colour for hardwood flooring makes sure of something. And that is, you can achieve a toned cherry flooring without using cherry wood.

Reclaimed red oak wood is the first ingredient to achieve cherry-toned flooring. In addition, a reddish coating will prove great in arriving at a beautiful cherry-toned flooring.

The cherry tone is a custom colour option for hardwood that allows the flooring to blend seamlessly with room decor. You’d notice this blend without the floor appearing superior or inferior in glitter. Additionally, it gives your space a beautiful formal look.

12. Moody Grays

You should consider moody grays if you look to install custom colour hardwood flooring. This custom colour creates an enthralling floor design in conjunction with the wood grain colours.

The floor will appear saturatedly rich but allow the lighter natural undertones to peer through. This blend will result in a nice variation and distinct character.

13. Multi-Color Character

A floor can handle intense variation when it has a wide-open expanse. And the multi-colour character floor exemplifies one of such floors. Notably, a floor with a multi-colour character will classify as rustic.

Collaborating with the natural patina of reclaimed wood, you can create a pleasing design with a multicolour pattern across a floor. This sort of floor holds attention spellbound and ensures you need no extra decorative material to enhance its beauty.

14. Subtle Stripes

This heading is more of a plank arrangement style than one of the hardwood floor colour trends.

Here, the hardwood floor needs to have surplus variations. Then the planks get lain in a way that the variations create subtle stripe patterns.

Resultantly, you have an appealing bridge between the flooring and house interior. And this design is best when you want to achieve simple but sophisticated light tones.

15. Flat Light Gray

This custom colour hardwood flooring was usually peculiar to industrial and commercial spaces. But evolution has brought it to fit perfectly in residential spaces too.

This hardwood flooring option firstly gets sanded to utmost smoothness. This smoothness is with an intention to achieve a matte finishing. This finishing, in turn, allows the natural blue/gray tones of the finishing to come alive fully.

You’d love its blend in your bedroom if the polishing is well done.

16. Two-Tone

There are times when you want your floor to look exciting but not noisy. A two-tone custom colour hardwood flooring is best for you in such instances. Here, you’ll have two distinct board colours for your hardwood floor installation.

But you must ensure a bit of similarity despite the variance between the two boards. The result of such kinds of flooring is the perfect fit for rooms with dense traffic. For example, your living room, balcony, or laundry room would accommodate this great custom colour flooring option.

17. Red and Bold

Here, you need wood that absorbs stains pretty well. Afterwards, there’s a dense application of red hue. Finally, the combination of red tones with the natural colours of wood like the red oak gives your floor a solid appearance.

A red and bold floor is usually smooth, with an even tone. This custom colour hardwood flooring is an excellent installation in a kitchen. It’ll add warmth, especially if your kitchen cabinets have dark stains.

Where and How Not to Use Dark Wood Flooring

You may use dark wood flooring in several spaces in your home. However, some instances and rooms don’t properly accommodate and perfectly project the beauty of dark wood floors.

Therefore, you may not want to install dark-coloured floors in the following ways and places :

  • You may not want to install in small rooms that have no connection to other spaces. This reason stands because dark wood floors seem to shrink rooms.
  • If installing a dark wood floor, you shouldn’t use a wide board narrower than 8″. This assertion is because the wider the board, the fewer the seams. Adherence to this notion will help balance out the dark hue of your floor.
  • You may also not want to use dark wood floors if they’ll be running adjacent to extremely dark furniture/woodwork like wardrobes or cabinets.


Where and How Not to Use Light Hardwood Flooring

Honestly, there’s hardly anywhere you cannot use light wood flooring. The only thing you have to think of is cleaning it and maintenance. Therefore, you may want to install light floorings in places where spillages and external stains are highly minimal.

But you can install it in places with high traffic, especially if you want the filth and stains to be immediately visible for swift cleaning.

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There’s a myriad of custom colour hardwood flooring to suit your home interior decor desires. But you need expert manufacturers that not only have a keen understanding of wood. But also know how stains, application, finishing and blending work.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look for such hardwood floors manufacturers. We at Three Trees Floorings are an expert producer of hardwood floors with a pedigree for meeting the flooring needs of Ontario’s most exotic flooring colour tastes.

Contact us via (416) 665-2624 to discuss colour options for hardwood flooring today.

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