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Chevron Flooring Design Ideas

It’s always a tricky situation when deciding which type of floor to install in your apartment. There are numerous flooring designs out there, and you can only go for a few, maybe one or two of them.

You also have to decide between multiple varieties of flooring materials which include wood, stone, tiles, and laminate. Keep in mind that you also need to consider the style you intend to create and the ability of your choice materials to create the design.

Fortunately, a few flooring design ideas work seamlessly with almost all the types of flooring materials out there. So, you can use all kinds of materials to execute the said designs.

An excellent example of these flooring styles is the chevron pattern, which is versatile and useful for implementing different design ideas. You can hardly go wrong with a parquet floor, it’ll fit with any setting, and you can create it with any material of your choice.

You can create the chevron flooring design pattern following a variety of creative ideas. Each of these styles creates a unique effect in your space and can be the piece to complete the artwork you’re creating with your apartment.

So, let’s take a detailed look at the different elegant ideas you can implement with a chevron flooring pattern. But, let’s first establish background knowledge into what the chevron flooring entails and some of its history.

What is Chevron Flooring?

The chevron flooring design shares a significant similarity with the herringbone parquet. You can even call them siblings under the parquet family tree. So, people often confuse the two patterns or simply lump them together in one broad category. Of course, it’s understandable that people will mix the two layout styles. They’re both essentially the same save for a bit of difference in the positioning of the planks that make up the designs.

That said, a chevron pattern is a design style featuring flooring materials placed at angles to each other to form a continuous stretch of arrow-shaped arrangement. It involves abutting the angled ends of parallelogram slats against each other. Typically, installers lay down the flooring material at an angle of 45 or 60 degrees, with the shorter ends of two slats touching each other to create a V shape.

The defining character of the Chevron pattern is the continuous V stretching across the entire layout. It also differentiates it from the herringbone pattern, which forms an L shape as the short end of one slat overlaps the long end of another. Regardless, it’s one of the most beautiful flooring options you can choose for your home. It adds a lot of character to a space and can go well with different interior decor themes.

Why You Should Consider Installing Chevron Design in your Home

chevron flooring design

The chevron pattern alongside the herringbone parquet is one of the most in-demand flooring styles in recent times. Chevron flooring design ideas are trendy; they create a visage of elegance and luxury in an environment. You can make a statement of good taste with this flooring pattern without spending a lot of money at the chevron flooring store.

A brilliantly laid-out chevron flooring will stop visitors in their tracks and mesmerize them every step of the way. The dynamic patterns of the design will provide a fitting base for any decor you wish to put in your living space. In other words, Chevron flooring designs will perfectly complement any interior decor idea you may have, whether traditional or contemporary. And, yes, you can use it in minimalist settings like the Scandinavian designs.

The Chevron design also has a rich history, and it’s a core part of what we may call traditional European flooring cultures. Due to its deep history, people typically associate the chevron pattern with sophistication, much like its sibling, the Herringbone pattern. Of course, there’s no denying the level of elegance and luxury that chevron flooring design ideas exude. You can’t take away from its uniqueness or top-notch quality.

Something else you may find interesting about the Chevron layout is the optical illusion it creates. The continuous orientation of the design creates an effect that seems to expand and elongate a room. As such, the chevron pattern often makes a room appear larger and longer than its original size. Plus, it accentuates the other design elements you may place in the room, especially if they have contrasting colours.

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Benefits of Chevron Flooring

One of the distinguishing benefits of the Chevron pattern is its versatility. You can apply it to various design ideas and still create something astonishing. It gives you a wide range of design options. And while these styles may be fundamentally the same, they’re all unique enough to stand out in their applications.

Plus, Chevron floors are easy to manage and will allow you to quickly revamp your interior decor without needing to retouch the floors. You can simply replace, relocate or reset the various elements of your interior decor to suit your preferences. With this level of versatility, you can personalize your space without needing to do a reflooring every time you make a slight tweak to your decor.

It’s very much unlikely the chevron pattern will go out of vogue anytime soon. So, you should seriously consider choosing this design pattern for your floors. Of course, the herringbone pattern is an equally excellent option. However, if you intend to go the DIY route, the chevron is more straightforward to install than the herringbone.

That’s said, regardless of if you’re going the DIY route or employing professionals; you still need to pick the right chevron flooring design idea. That way, you’ll be getting the best floor for your space. So, which design is best for your home? That’s up to you to decide, but we can make the decision-making more straightforward for you by discussing some of the beautiful chevron flooring design ideas you can explore for your apartment.

Top Chevron Flooring Design Ideas for Your Home

As we said earlier, all chevron flooring design ideas are fundamentally the same; they all typically feature rectangular planks abutted at angles to each other. However, each design features a slight or significant tweak which gives it a unique character and differentiates it from the others. Below are some of the different Chevron flooring design ideas you can use for your flooring.

chevron shape and pattern optionsManor Oak Design

True to the traditional zigzag pattern of the chevron layout, the manor oak design embodies the perfect idea of parquet flooring. But more than that, it creates a sense of harmony in the environment. Manor oak harmonizes the beauty of nature with exquisite craftsmanship to create the perfect floor piece.

In this design, an expert craftsman fashions the timeless elegance of natural wood into contemporary chevron designs. The whole idea creates a beautiful mix of traditional artistry of parquet flooring and a more modern feel. Thus, it stylishly and seamlessly incorporates classical designs into more recent settings. Overall, it’s a graceful addition to your interior decor.

The best way to create this chevron flooring style is to install dark wooden planks. We recommend going with perfectly pointed slats if you intend to do it yourself. It’s also a good idea to carefully brush the planks and use a matte lacquer to enhance the details of the flooring. This design works well with both contemporary and traditional settings. Plus, it uses wood materials that bring life and character into a space.

You can apply the following design element to complement your manor oak chevron flooring.

  • Velvet
  • Brass accessories
  • Dark paint shades
  • Bold jewel tones
  • Medieval furniture

Cashmere Oak Design

The cashmere oak design primarily features wooden materials with a matte lacquer finish like the manor oak. The difference between this design and the manor oak is the colour of the wood craftsmen use for making them. While manor oak predominantly uses dark wooden planks, Cashmere oak designs favour soft white hues.

The natural light during daytime complements the soft white hues of the cashmere design and brings out its natural beauty. Also, the continuous nature of the chevron pattern combines with the warm ambience to give your space a clean and cozy look. It also makes the environment airier and less chaotic. But what truly brings out the elegance of this design is the sophisticated simplicity it symbolizes.

At a glance, this chevron flooring design idea looks so simple yet very intricate. The character of the wood species the artisans use for this design also adds a lot to its beauty. Cashmere designs often feature white oaks wood species with a lot of character. So you can be sure you’ll get an excellent, soft-spoken yet lively foundation for your interior decor.

To create the Cashmere chevron flooring design, you’ll need wood species with soft white tones. We recommend going with white oak. As mentioned earlier, you should also consider brushing the planks and finishing them with matte lacquer. Then proceed to create a traditional chevron pattern by laying the ends of the planks together at angles of 45, 60 or 30 degrees. That’s pretty much how to install this chevron flooring design in your home.

You can complement this design with the following interior decor elements

  • White, Taupe and grey upholstery
  • Scandinavian decor
  • Greenery
  • Natural materials
  • Tactile textures

You also want to extensively use natural light with this design. Naturally, light brings out the explicit beauty of this flooring style. You’ll understand what we mean when you try it out.

Chevron Pattern With Tiles

Most people automatically imagine wooden materials whenever they read about parquet flooring. However, your options aren’t limited to only wooden materials when considering parquet floors. And, you shouldn’t restrict your designs to wood materials alone either. Of course, we can’t understate the numerous perks of using wooden materials for chevron patterns. However, you can achieve just as much when using tiles for your chevron floors.

Like wood materials, tile materials also allow you to select from a variety of finishes, and there are different types of tiles. Let’s consider some popular tiles and finishes you can use for chevron designs.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are the more common types of tiles and for a good reason. Ceramic tiles are incredibly durable, offer better resistance to scratches and can handle water very well. Plus, they’re affordable and quite versatile. So, you can use them in virtually every area of your home, including the bathroom.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are ideal if you intend to install the chevron flooring in an area that experiences a lot of traffic. Porcelain tiles are denser and have a less porous construction which makes them stronger. So they’re capable of withstanding pretty much everything you throw at them.

The two tile material types can come in two major types of finishes. They include;


The matte finish on tiles offers a more textured look that creates a visage of sophistication. You’ll typically find this type of finish more on ceramic tiles. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find them on porcelain tiles. The best thing about matte tiles is they’re perfect for creating a contemporary and chic look. Using an all-matte interior creates a relaxed and calm ambience in the space. Plus, matte tiles are lower maintenance options compared to their glossy counterparts.


Do you like shiny, polished surfaces? Then you want tiles with glossy finishes. Porcelain tiles typically feature glossy finishes, but you’ll also find ceramic tiles with glossy surfaces. Tiles with polished finishes often reflect light better as they bounce light around living space. As such, they’re ideal for Scandinavian settings which aim to maximize available light.

Going for glossy tiles means you’ll love to keep things bright and flashy in the environment. Also, keep in mind that you may need to spend a lot more on the upkeep of the tiles. You don’t want your tiles to lose their shine quickly.

Chevron Shape and Pattern Options

One of the distinguishing features of the chevron pattern is the shape of the slats artisans use when creating the layout. Instead of the rectangular slats people use for the herringbone parquet; Chevron designs feature parallelogram slats.  The parallelogram shape of the battens enables you to create a variety of display patterns on the basic chevron layout.

So, you can create a striking mosaic effect and give your floors an elegant yet, timeless visage with chevron patterns. Let’s look at some common chevron flooring design ideas and formations you can try in your apartment.

Classic Arrows

The classic arrows pattern is a pretty standard chevron layout design. It involves laying left and right chevron slats in an end-to-end version to create an arrow shape. People favour this pattern because it projects stunning visual effects that elongate the area.

Vertical arrows.

The vertical arrows pattern is also quite popular, and people sometimes confuse it with the classic arrow pattern. It involves laying the longer edges of the left and right-facing tiles against each other to create a narrow vertical point. It also creates an arrow shape. However, the form is thinner and longer than the classical pattern. Plus, you can install the slats in double formation to create a longer V shape.


The patchwork design involves using hexagonal slats together with regular chevron slats. Most people are unaware that they can combine chevron tiles with hexagonal tiles to create outstanding designs. You can create patchwork designs by laying your chevron slats as usual and strategically placing hexagonal slats to fill gaps.

For clarity, lay double rows of chevron tiles perpendicular to each other. Then, place hexagonal tiles in the empty gaps to create exquisite patchwork designs.

Hex and Chevron Mix

This design also involves the use of hexagonal tiles. However, you’ll not be using them to fill gaps in this case. Instead, you’ll be using hexagonal tiles in alternate rows of the chevron layout to add an interesting touch to the mix.

To create this design, place chevron tiles in vertical arrows, then mix hexagonal tiles in the next row.—I.eWhen creating the subsequent chevron arrow. Or better still, you can randomly mix and match the placements to create a unique and unpredictable blend of shapes.

Whatever Chevron pattern you decide to put on your floors, you’re sure to increase the elegance and luxury factor of your home significantly. You’ll level up its appeal and also its market value. You can gain so much by simply installing chevron flooring designs in your home. And, you don’t have to worry about falling out of love with the design years down the line, chevron patterns are timeless, and you’ll always love them.

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There are many creative chevron flooring design ideas out there. All you need to do is decide which one best fits your preferences and go for it. Also, knowing how to use Chevron flooring is a super skill you may want to learn. It’ll give you full access to a world of creativity and self-expression through your apartment flooring.

If you can’t decide which design pattern is best for you, let’s help you with that. Check out our online store at Three Trees Flooring for the best chevron floors. You’re sure to find something you’ll love there.

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