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european wood flooring

Why is European Flooring Popular in Ontario?

European flooring has been known to be one of the better alternatives to the ones manufactured from different areas in the US. Even though they would cost a bit more than the ones produced in the US, there has been an increasing demand for European

hardwood flooring

Engineered Hardwood vs Solid Hardwood: Which is Best?

Choosing between which type of hardwood floor to use in your house is important as each of them has their advantages and disadvantages for each situation. Hardwood flooring also comes in different kinds of hardwood. So there are a lot of varieties to choose from.

plywood flooring

5 Unique Advantages of Installing Plywood Flooring

The decision on which type of material to use for the flooring of your property merits a second thought. One material you should look into is plywood, a cheap alternative to using hardwood flooring. Over the years, the quality level of plywoods is better because

french oak flooring

Features and Benefits of Installing French Oak Flooring

Using a specific kind of hardwood flooring can make a difference in the look and strength of the material used. French oak flooring, for one, is preferred globally for the flooring of houses. It has the same features as other hardwood flooring materials. But having