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durable of white oak engineered flooring

How Durable Is White Oak Engineered Flooring?

Wood floors have come a long way from the age of antiquity. Interior designers, through the course of history, have often used wood floors in exquisite settings. When engineered hardwood like white oak gets into flooring considerations, people often question its durability. A similar sentiment

chevron flooring design ideas

Chevron Flooring Design Ideas

It’s always a tricky situation when deciding which type of floor to install in your apartment. There are numerous flooring designs out there, and you can only go for a few, maybe one or two of them. You also have to decide between multiple varieties

chevron over herringbone flooring

When To Choose Chevron Over Herringbone Flooring?

Hardwood flooring has become a contemporary trend in interior decoration. Its lustrous look, cleaning ease, and maintenance qualities are significant features that make it a hotcake. The hardwood sentiment is evident in debates on what flooring type is perfect in a space. Usually, the arguments

how chevron hardwood flooring cost

How Much Does Chevron Hardwood Flooring Cost?

Chevron flooring is a parquet floor with a distinct design that offers incredible aesthetic appeal. That’s why many homeowners have questions about the cost of chevron hardwood flooring. Whether you want a long-term flooring option for a new home or are remodelling, Chevron floors are

major differences chevron vs herringbone

The Major Differences Between Chevron And Herringbone

Most house owners in Ontario have no idea where to start when discussing the differences between chevron and herringbone flooring. This situation is prevalent thanks to the many similarities between both flooring options. One thing’s for certain — chevron and herringbone flooring are not the

successful herringbone installation

Top Tips For A Successful Herringbone Installation

DIY herringbone floor installation can be challenging, not to mention complicated. There are many different measurements and dimension considerations to note. You’ll probably also have to cut slats into smaller pieces and at awkward angles just to get the perfect size and shape. Plus, you’ll

laying herringbone floors

How Do You Start Laying Herringbone Floors?

Every homeowner wants beautiful floors that exude elegance and timeless luxury. However, very few floor design patterns can do that without costing a fortune. Fortunately, the herringbone pattern is one of the select few. But, its installation can be tricky for DIYers. As a result,

Clean French Oak Floors

How to Clean French Oak Floors?

When you are thinking about choosing the flooring materials to be installed in your house, you should not only look at their costs. There are multiple factors that you must consider before making your final decision. One of these important factors is the maintenance of

French Oak Flooring Prices

French Oak Flooring Prices

One of the most enjoyable and fulfilling tasks is the designing of a house or office. When you finally have the budget or means to build one, being able to get the design that you have dreamed for is very important. However, with enjoyment also

American Oak vs French Oak

American Oak vs French Oak

Wood flooring is one of the best choices homeowners can make for their houses. This type of flooring has many benefits which other types of flooring materials cannot compare to. Depending on the type of wood material used, the quality and appearance may also have