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The Major Differences Between Chevron And Herringbone

Most house owners in Ontario have no idea where to start when discussing the differences between chevron and herringbone flooring. This situation is prevalent thanks to the many similarities between both flooring options.

One thing’s for certain — chevron and herringbone flooring are not the same. Differences exist between Chevron and herringbone designs. And you can find them if you know where to look.

We understand that you have many questions about the differences between herringbone and chevron floors. Here, you’ll find answers to these questions, plus critical information about both flooring options.

Chevron vs Herringbone Floors

Chevron and herringbone floorings can provide your home with a touch of class and distinct beauty. The best part is both flooring options are not limited to one room. You can install herringbone and chevron floors in the kitchen, bedroom, living room or study.

And because they have similar parquet elements, it’s hard to differentiate between chevron and herringbone flooring. The solution to this problem lies in a closer inspection. A close inspection can help you identify the difference in pattern and shape.

For instance, chevron flooring has its planks coming together to form an exact point — much like the design of an arrowhead. Conversely, herringbone flooring comes in a broken zig-zag design.

The paragraph above is just a slight introduction to the differences between chevron and herringbone flooring. The rest of this blog contains a closer look at the subject matter. But first, we’ll discuss the features of chevron and herringbone floors.

What Does Herringbone Flooring Look Like: Features, Visual

It’s easier to tell the differences between herringbone and chevron flooring when you know what each flooring option looks like. Herringbone flooring comprises repeated rectangular patterns resembling a herringbone fish’s bone structure.

Herringbone flooring also has a deliberate installation method. You’ll need to arrange parquet blocks carefully to create the zigzag pattern synonymous with herringbone flooring. This peculiar installation method references the plank ends, which always create a 90-degree angle. Plus, you must arrange them perpendicular to each other.

The zigzag pattern and perpendicular planks create a traditional, classic appeal. This classic touch is why creatives employ the herringbone design in different mediums. In fact, historians observed herringbone designs in ancient Egyptian historical pieces — long before they became a staple flooring option.

Just like with chevron flooring, there’s no limit to the wood type that works for herringbone designs. Different wood species have unique colour and shading patterns that complement the herringbone design.

Hardwood floors that work for herringbone floors include:

  • Red oak
  • Maple
  • Walnut
  • Pecan
  • Hickory

The hardwood species above are blessed with extreme durability and hardness. In layman’s terms, choosing anyone means you’re going to enjoy using your herringbone floors for a long time. Plus, you can always combine different types of herringbone floors to get a distinct visual.

Combining different hardwood options for your herringbone floor can produce flashy results. If you’re not one to go for flair, you may be better off using a single hardwood for your herringbone flooring. Plus, you can always switch up the flooring by covering it with a rug or staining the wood grains.

Remember, herringbone flooring has a unique pattern. Its pattern is set up such that brightening the floor using tinted stains is the best way to finish the flooring. Darker stains are a close second option. You can create a stone-like illusion on herringbone flooring because they make the wood grain near invisible.

A major difference between chevron and herringbone flooring is the former’s versatility. You can always think outside of the box when installing herringbone flooring in your house. You can choose between double, single and diagonal patterns. Plus, you can install the floor to form different styles, patterns and shapes.

Reasons to Choose Herringbone Flooring

  • They offer a more sophisticated appeal compared to chevron flooring
  • They blend into the existing decor, improving the visuals without being a distraction.
  • Herringbones floors are traditional

Why Not Herringbone Flooring

  • Herringbone flooring doesn’t provide the famous length illusion effect
  • It has plenty of customization needs
  • The installation process for herringbone flooring can be complicated.

What Does Chevron Flooring Look Like?

Understanding the major differences between chevron and herringbone flooring starts with a history lesson. The history books tell us chevron hardwood patterns started sometime between the 14th and 16th centuries in France.

The rectangular blocks in the chevron flooring pattern touch each other. The planks are cut at a 45-degree angle, creating a continuous zig-zag design. That 45-degree cut is why a bird’s eye view of Chevron flooring resembles an inverted V pattern.

Chevron flooring is aesthetically pleasing and features uniform, similar-sized planks. The unique symmetry of chevron flooring means it’ll provide your rooms with a touch of modern design elements. Chevron floors also have a distinct geometry that makes contemporary and high-end rooms look impressive.

It’s not just about the flooring pattern. With expert Chevron flooring installation, you can create various optical illusions ranging from arrows to stripes. You can also complement the flooring designs with decor pieces like cushions, lampshades and artworks.

A major difference between Chevron and herringbone floors is that the former can be quite bold. Chevron floors make a loud statement. That’s why it’s best to pair Chevron floors with soft decor elements. Similarly, the best way to highlight a chevron floor’s natural pattern is to pair it with strong horizontal and vertical lines.

Getting the best effect out of chevron flooring is all about proper placement. Poor placement can make the room look too busy. That’s why we recommend installing chevron flooring in transitional spaces like hallways. Or you use chevron flooring to direct a visitor’s gaze to a special fixture like a fireplace.

Why Choose Chevron Flooring

  • Chevron flooring comprises strong lines reminiscent of European decor elements
  • Has diagonal lines that’ll enhance your home’s appearance and beauty
  • The meeting points of the arrows in chevron flooring induce a movement-like feeling.
  • Chevron flooring is far more affordable compared to herringbone flooring
  • Chevron flooring is easy to install
  • Leaves your room looking modern, classic and fashionable

The Downsides to Chevron Floors

  • Chevron floors require precise measurements. You must scale and install the floor type perfectly or you risk losing the visual effect
  • Chevron floors require a lot of customization

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Difference Between Chevron and Herringbone Floors

chevron and herringbone floors

Now that you know what herringbone and chevron floors look like, the next order of business is the major differences. This section will explore the major differences that exist between herringbone and chevron hardwood floors:


The cutting point is a major difference between herringbone and chevron planks. Chevron planks are cut at a 45-degree angle. Conversely, herringbone planks have a 90-degree cut.

Zigzag Pattern

Both herringbone and chevron flooring have patterns resembling zigzags. The difference is in how distinct the zigzag patterns are. The zig zag pattern is continuous for Chevron flooring and comes to a central point. Herringbone floors boast a staggered zigzag effect.

Installation Method

How you install both flooring options is another talking point. Herringbone floors are more complicated and simpler to install.

Design Appeal

Despite its origin in 16th century France, Chevron flooring will make your place fashionable and in sync with modern decor styles. Conversely, herringbone flooring designs tend to be more appropriate for traditional settings.


The difference in the cost of chevron and herringbone floors is quite significant. Herringbone floors tend to be more expensive and will require a significant upfront investment. Plus, the maintenance costs can accumulate to a significant degree.

Are There Any Similarities Between Herringbone and Chevron Floors?

Exploring their similarities is another angle for choosing the best between chevron and herringbone flooring. A closer look at the similarities between both flooring options can offer a fresh perspective on their differences.

The major similarity between chevron and herringbone floors is in their source material. At the heart of it all, chevron and herringbone flooring are both hardwood floors. They’re the best alternatives if you’re tired of plain hardwood floor designs.

It means you can choose from various hardwood options for your floor. Plus, herringbone and chevron floors are both compatible with multiple colours and hardwood materials.

Another similarity between chevron and herringbone floors is the beauty they exude. Both flooring patterns are aesthetically appealing and will make a positive difference in your home decor. For the best results, we recommend using chevron and herringbone floors in large open spaces.

Which is Best Between Chevron and Herringbone Floors?

At this point in the article, you have plenty of information about chevron and herringbone floors. We’ve covered the major differences between both flooring options. We’ve also explored their similarities and why it’s easy to mistake chevron floors for herringbone.

The next logical question often has to do with the best between herringbone and chevron floors. Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question. It all depends on your personal taste and unique needs. Plus, you’re not limited to using herringbone and chevron designs in your flooring. You can also use these design options on wooden walls, backsplashes and bathroom tiling.

Installing Herringbone and Chevron Floors

Above we cover the differences between chevron and herringbone floors in detail. We also discuss the similarities between both flooring options. This discussion is irrelevant if you don’t understand how to install these flooring options. Because they’re both parquet designs, the wrong installation method can mess up the final result.

The best way to install herringbone and chevron flooring is by glueing each piece to a wooden or concrete subfloor. We also recommend installing each flooring plank individually and at the specified angle. This deliberate installation can be challenging and requires significant time investment — factors that contribute to the installation cost of herringbone and chevron floors.

It’s also important to remember that individual flooring planks have to stay in constant alignment. Failure to do so can result in a poor floor that doesn’t offer the required decorative appeal.

Thankfully, technology is playing a part in how simple it is to install herringbone and chevron floors. You can now buy prefinished planks that already have the distinct chevron and herringbone design. All that’s left is to follow the manufacturer’s directions on how to install the planks.

Herringbone and Chevron Patterns: Common Flooring Styles

Herringbone and chevron flooring can come in different styles and colours. You don’t want to be too fixated on which to choose between both options. Instead, we recommend appreciating the abundance of styles they offer. That way, you can choose the ideal zig-zag effect for your home.

Chevron wood flooring is best when you pair it with different coloured planks. This design is a bold choice that fits in seamlessly in bedrooms. You can always buy rare chevron flooring planks that deliver a custom effect.

The first option we recommend for herringbone floors is the gray design. This stylish design provides a traditional twist to the classic herringbone pattern you know and love. House owners in search of a more modern look can go with Scandinavian-style patterns. Here, you can leverage light hardwood species and large planks to provide an overwhelming effect.

Or you can always go with the traditional herringbone design. You can pair this flooring style with rich dark wood for the best visual results. Thin long planks and chevron design will always create tight, striking patterns. Don’t forget you can choose from various colours and finishes for your herringbone flooring. Mix and match until you find a result that suits your aesthetic.

The above styles will help you get the best out of your herringbone and chevron flooring planks. But you can’t get the best from your flooring if you install low-quality flooring.

High-quality hardwood floors have low maintenance costs while still providing superb visual appeal. That’s why we always recommend buying the best hardwood flooring planks. While they may be a huge initial investment, they’re worth it in the long run.

FAQs about Herringbone and Chevron Floors

Here’s what you need to know:

Is a chevron floor the best option for my home?

The answer to this question is a function of your personal taste. If a beautiful chevron design catches your home, there’s nothing wrong with installing it in your home.

There’s no hard and fast rule for hardwood installation that says chevron designs are the best. But, we can tell you’re chevron floors are certainly not the best choice for a traditional flooring design. They’re more suited to a modern, trendy decor outlook.

Between chevron and herringbone flooring designs, which is cheaper to install?

Herringbone floors are more expensive to install compared to chevron floors. However, it should be mentioned that the price difference is not so significant.

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By now, you should know all the major differences that exist between chevron and herringbone hardwood floors. Both floors are parquet-style designs, but there is a distinct difference in their patterns.

Here at Three Trees Flooring, we know the unique differences that exist between chevron and herringbone floors. That’s why we can provide the best flooring planks for your project. Look through our online store today!

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