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Herringbone Floors

herringbone wood floors

How Much Does Herringbone Wood Floors Cost?

Your property will get excellent characteristics and personality from installing herringbone wood flooring. Many homeowners claim it raises their homes’ resale value. Herringbone floors also add strength, style, and colour to any space. It is thus not unexpected that there is an excellent demand for

major differences chevron vs herringbone

The Major Differences Between Chevron And Herringbone

Most house owners in Ontario have no idea where to start when discussing the differences between chevron and herringbone flooring. This situation is prevalent thanks to the many similarities between both flooring options. One thing’s for certain — chevron and herringbone flooring are not the

successful herringbone installation

Top Tips For A Successful Herringbone Installation

DIY herringbone floor installation can be challenging, not to mention complicated. There are many different measurements and dimension considerations to note. You’ll probably also have to cut slats into smaller pieces and at awkward angles just to get the perfect size and shape. Plus, you’ll

laying herringbone floors

How Do You Start Laying Herringbone Floors?

Every homeowner wants beautiful floors that exude elegance and timeless luxury. However, very few floor design patterns can do that without costing a fortune. Fortunately, the herringbone pattern is one of the select few. But, its installation can be tricky for DIYers. As a result,