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When To Choose Chevron Over Herringbone Flooring?

Hardwood flooring has become a contemporary trend in interior decoration. Its lustrous look, cleaning ease, and maintenance qualities are significant features that make it a hotcake. The hardwood sentiment is evident in debates on what flooring type is perfect in a space. Usually, the arguments are either Chevron over Herringbone floors or vice versa.

Nowadays, tile makers try to simulate wooden outlooks and feel. As a result, you’ll find tiles with wooden designs and a raspy feel on their surfaces. But the blend of panache, warmth, and class of wooden flooring is inimitable. Wooden flooring provides an exotic aura to any space, notwithstanding the oldness or newness of the place.

Are you struggling to choose between Herringbone and Chevron wooden floors? Here, we’ll take you through the peculiarities of both wooden floors. Additionally, we’ll help you decide which is best for you between Chevron and Herringbone floors.

Why Do You Need Hardwood Flooring In Your Space?

There are various reasons why hardwood is the top flooring choice despite its “expensive” tag. First, wooden floorings provide long-term satisfaction, unlike lamination, carpet, and linoleum products that wear quickly. This reason implies that alternative flooring options may be cheaper. But the constant need to replace them makes them cost-ineffective.

Below are more reasons to validate your decision to go for wooden flooring.

Durability and Naturalness

Wooden flooring is super durable. The ability of these floors to withstand weights and remain strong is unbeatable. This quality is not to discard the possibility of these floors sustaining dents. However, it’s almost impossible for such damage if the floor isn’t deliberately hit.

In addition, the natural makeup of wooden flooring is a big plus. This feature makes it possible for wooden floors to retain and emit warmth better. On the other hand, floors made of tiles or marble will be unsuitable for you, especially if you live in cold climes.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Another advantage of installing hardwood floors like Chevron and Herringbone flooring is the ease of cleaning and maintenance. Unlike other flooring types, wooden floors are highly resistant to fluids and dirt. It’s thus effortless to wipe or mop filth off their surfaces.

You also don’t need to worry about hygiene issues, especially if you keep pets or have kids. You can seamlessly clear up their mess without the wood retaining any bit of it.

You don’t even have to worry about stench after cleaning a wooden floor of filth. The cleaning simplicity of wooden flooring very well equates to easy maintenance.

Aesthetic Enhancement

The vintage look of wooden floors adds a touch of beauty to your space. These floors even create a realistic impression that your room is larger than it is. Plus, wooden floors offer visitors an accommodating feeling. Your guests will love it and feel right at home.

aesthetic enhancement

Adds Worth to Your Space

The value of your home increases when you install wooden floors. In other words, your home will sell higher than it would without wooden floors.

Flooring options like carpets have tendencies to trigger allergies. Thus, prospective home buyers will likely prefer a home with wooden flooring over one with carpets.

Unfading and Changeable Colours

Floorings like carpets lose their sparkle after a short time. The commercial or domestic treading on their surfaces inevitably leads to sheen and colour loss.

But hardwood floors will not make you experience such quality depreciation. Hardwood flooring’s lustre remains the same for a lifetime, as long as you care for them.

Meanwhile, you can decide to refinish your floors at any point down the line. Thankfully, the adaptability of wooden floors makes such renovation very easy.

In summary, you derive optimal value for your money in the beauty and longevity of hardwood flooring. You’re likely now asking – Do I go for Chevron flooring or Herringbone flooring? We’ll answer that question in a jiffy. But, first, let’s delve into the peculiarities of each flooring option.

Introduction to Herringbone Flooring

Herringbone flooring is otherwise known as fishbone flooring. This wooden flooring is an enthralling and elegant substitute for ordinary wood board flooring. Its parquetry design synergy makes it a contemporary fit because you don’,t have to indulge installers for so long.

The parquet flooring pattern was an invention during the rise of modernization in Europe. Then, parquet flooring was a craft from hand-cut small bricks of wood. Afterwards, these small wooden blocks are laid in geometrical dimensions.

Herringbone wooden flooring ‘bricks’ are bigger than the old parquet flooring ‘blocks.’ However, the intention behind both is very similar.

Back then, parquet floorings were usually made only of solid wood. Today, you can still decide to get parquet flooring made solely off solid wood. Although, it’s most common to use engineered-wood flooring boards.

These wooden boards come in parquet or herringbone fashions that you desire. In addition, Herringbone flooring is a name from the herring fish’s bone structure that validates the flooring pattern.

The Herringbone’s flooring has a zigzag design usually cut to meet at ‘v’ points. This design is a significant difference between Herringbone and Chevron flooring.

Herringbone floorings are suitable for installation in places including bathrooms and kitchens. Meanwhile, installing these flooring boards is seamless and perfect because the designs are premade.

How Manufacturers Make Herringbone Floors

Different materials come into play when making engineered-wooden herringbone floors. The variance of materials in producing these wooden boards doesn’t mean a deplete in quality. It’s more of the need to create an array of choices to suit your different sentiments.

There are boards made from oak and walnut wood. The woods may go through brushing, UV with double smoking, and brushing with double smoking.

These finishing variants are why it’s possible to have unique herringbone floors for every location. For example, Prime Engineered Oak Herringbone Coffee Brushed UV-Oiled flooring is perfect for narrow rooms and hallways. But, of course, this assertion doesn’t mean they can’t be of use in other rooms. But most people prefer it in those places.

Using herringbone wooden floors during a house renovation or in your new apartment is a significant plus. It augments your house’s look, worth, and feel. It doesn’t matter if you’re using it in specific rooms only or the whole house. Herringbone wooden floors make a significant difference and ensure a blend anyhow you use it.

Let’s get you introduced to Chevron flooring before we answer whether you should install it instead of Herringbone flooring.

What is Chevron Flooring?

Chevron shares the aged spotlight with Herringbone when it comes to hardwood floorings. Meanwhile, in recent times Chevron parquet patterns have become more prevalent in the flooring market.

The beauty of Chevron is just one of the reasons for its surge in acceptance. It’s further in use because of its assortment of options. These options range from grades to sizes and finishes. As a result, more homes are choosing Chevron over Herringbone floors.

The Chevron Parquet has a fascinating history too. “Point de Hongrie,” which means “Hungarian herringbone,” is another name for Chevron Parquet. It was named after an embroidery stitch known as Flame Stitch. This embroidery stitch is the archetype of the Chevron pattern.

The flame stitch is a combination of two stitches. The duo stitches include the brick stitches and the zigzag stitches. The former was also known as the Gobelin, and the latter was also known as the Hungarian.

Princess Elizabeth of Hungary was fond of twin stitches and was a frequent visitor in Italy. As a result, the flame stitch became renowned in Italy. There were also adaptations of its patterns to different aesthetic concepts. One of such concepts was flooring.

Nicodemus Tessin made one of the earliest mentions of the Chevron Parquet flooring. The Swedish architect made this highlight in a 16th-century documentation. Particularly, the documentation was a description of the Palace of Versailles interiors.

The Swedish craftsman made known that only one room in Versailles had square parquet layers. Popular opinion says the room he was referencing was the Queen’s Guard’s Room. The chevron Parquet floors made the spotlight here first.

Chevron parquet patterns in England resulted from Queen Henrietta Marie’s marriage to Charles I. The renovation of her official residence was a trigger for the re-flooring.

How to Identify Chevron Flooring

Identifying Chevron wood parquet is very simple but requires keen observation. The first thing you should know is hardwoods such as teak, maple, and oak are certified in making this flooring. Chevron wood parquet also features zigzag patterns that meet at a sharp point. More explicitly, the ability to trace a perfect letter “V” shows that your wooden flooring utilizes the chevron parquet.

Another easy way to identify Chevron wooden floors is by imagining the chevrons on motorways. The perfect “V” feature best guides you to distinguish the Chevron from the Herringbone.

One of the advantages of Chevron floors is the positive illusion of largeness it gives your space. Your room feels larger than it is with this flooring. And this impression is possible due to the consistency in directional design.

Over time, Herringbone and Chevron parquet floorings have come to own the flooring market. The upscale in use was especially noticeable in the Haussmann era. In addition, the vast rebuilding during that era made comprehensive features of the Chevron and Herringbone floors.

Modernizing these aged flooring types has made them more highly sought after. People now want them both for domestic use and commercial purposes. However, you may need to choose one for your flooring needs. As a result, we will make you understand why and when you can select Chevron over Herringbone floors.

identify chevron flooring

When to Choose Chevron Over Herringbone Floors

Firstly, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of Chevron and Herringbone floors. This understanding will help you realize the edge Chevron has over Herringbone floors.

The following are the major advantages of herringbone floors for your space:

  • Herringbone floors give your home a top-notch look of sophistication.
  • Herringbone floors are natural enhancements for your home’s visual effects. And they cause no form of distraction.
  • It has a more traditional outlook than Chevron flooring.

Disadvantages of Herringbone flooring include the following:

  • Installing herringbone flooring is a cumbersome process due to mitering.
  • Herringbone flooring doesn’t afford the illusion length.
  • Herringbone flooring is basically custom-made.
  • It’s pretty expensive.

Meanwhile, the following are the core advantages of using Chevron to floor your residence:

  • It triggers a movement feeling due to the meeting arrows at the plank board connections.
  • Even when using cheap wood planks, you still get a fantastic outcome with Chevron flooring patterns.
  • It forms a scenic European view with its falling-out lines.
  • Your home is made more attractive with its diagonal lines.
  • Your home is left looking vintage, exotic, and trendy.
  • It’s less expensive than the herringbone flooring pattern.
  • Installation of Chevron flooring is way easier than that of herringbone flooring.
  • Another reason you may pick Chevron over Herringbone floors is because it makes your room cozier.

The disadvantages of Chevron include the following:

  •  This floor type is custom-made. This assertion means you have to go through the stress of patterning and scaling the floor type. You also have to do this with your room size in mind.
  • Failure to do the above may hamper a full realization of the pattern’s visual effect.

We now have highlights of the advantages and disadvantages of both flooring types. Chevron boasts of more perks than Herringbone floors.

But let’s have a Chevron vs. Herringbone flooring features comparison. This bird’s eye view will further uncover the reasons to choose Chevron over Herringbone floors.

Features Comparison between Chevron and Herringbone Floors

Chevron Herringbone
Chevron is not as expensive as herringbone floors. Herringbone is way more expensive than Chevron floors.
Your home is given an aesthetic and modern look with Chevron floors. Herringbone floors afford your home a more classic look.
Chevron zigzag patterns are perfectly consistent and meet at every sharp point. Herringbone zigzag patterns have more distortions.
The installation process for Chevron is seamless. The installation process for Herringbone is cumbersome.
Chevron planks’ edges are cut at an angle of 45 degrees each. Herringbone planks’ edges are cut at an angle of 90 degrees each.


You were probably seeking reasons to choose Chevron or Herringbone floors at the beginning of this blog. But having read to this point, you likely realize Chevron is a better choice.

Also, you now have concrete reasons to validate your flooring decisions because you better understand the advantages and disadvantages of both flooring types. In addition, you also have the head-to-head features of Chevron and Herringbone floors. The comparison will further validate why you’ll favour Chevron over Herringbone floors.

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Other Reasons to Choose Chevron Hardwood Flooring over Herringbone

You now understand the major advantages and features that distinguish Chevron over Herringbone floors. Additionally, here are more reasons to validate your choice of Chevron hardwood floors.

Sensational Acoustics

Installing Chevron wood flooring in your home means you’re in for excellent sound production. The absorption of every form of vibration will be just perfect.

Your recordings would sound amazing if you are a singer or podcaster. This wooden installation is the secret to great-sounding theatres and studios.

Improved Air Quality

Chevron hardwood floors don’t retain filth like dust, animal hair, or any form of allergen. This perk means your home’s atmosphere is always likely to radiate with fresh air.

If you frequently experience allergies, then Chevron wooden flooring is best for you. Some may argue that tiles and laminates don’t have carpet fibres, so they can resist filth retention. However, they have thin lines that can retain filth in minute forms.

Long Term

Wooden floorings like Chevron usually carry the tag “expensive .”However, the label is merely a subtle substitute for “long-lasting .” You’ll enjoy the dividends once you can execute the desire to purchase the hardwood flooring.

This flooring’s wood makeup makes it practically immune to damage. Also, it’s easy to clean and effortless to maintain. This maintenance ease automatically equates to its likelihood of longevity. So make the investment now. It’s worth every bit of it.

High Variety Potential

Chevron over Herringbone floors is a valid position considering the high variety potential of the former. Chevron wooden floors present you with a comprehensive array of grades and species. In other words, you get to select the outlook you desire and the finishing resonates with your person.

You can even do more than fashioning the wooden floor to fit your personality. You can also select the wood grade to accommodate your budget.

Omnidirectional Fitting

The adaptive and versatile qualities of wooden floorings like Chevron, make them a perfect choice. It’ll fit almost any design or decorative idea you can conjure for your interior set-up.

You may even change the position of your gadgets, furniture, or appliances. Yet, the Chevron wooden flooring will remain a spectacle.

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Choosing hardwood flooring is a valuable investment for your apartment. You also get to enjoy vintage beauty and sophistication with such flooring installation.

Truthfully, wooden floors like Chevron and Herringbone may appear similar and enthralling in features. But careful observation shows why you should pick Chevron over Herringbone floors.

Knowing the best between Chevron and Herringbone floors is excellent. However, you should be careful not to fall victim to buying substandard hardwood flooring. Thankfully, Three Trees Flooring is here to provide you with the best Chevron floors, and at great prices too.

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