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Wood Flooring

textured wood flooring

Why Install Textured Wood Flooring

Textured wood floors are also hardwood floors. The only difference is a change in the top layer’s texture to add more beauty and character to the floor. Hence, depending on the wood type chosen, you’ll still enjoy the benefits of a hardwood floor. The remainder

installing a new wood floor

What are the Benefits of Installing a New Wood Floor?

You need to do some things before removing old flooring in your home. One of those things is evaluating the possible benefits of installing a new floor. A new wood floor undoubtedly improves your property’s financial and infrastructural worth. But those may not even be

install wide plank floors

How Much Does It Cost to Install Wide Plank Floors?

There are few design pieces as elegant and earthy as hardwood floors in any house. And you’re particularly on an exotic level when you install wide plank hardwood floors. The result is typically aesthetic, durable, and exciting for decorative experiments. Traditional wide plank floors are

best coating system

Bona – The Best Coating System for Your Wood Flooring

Wooden flooring, in particular, is known for its durability and longevity. Wooden floors can retain their appealing appearance for years with the appropriate attention and upkeep. And one way to ensure this long-lasting flooring beauty is by using a suitable coating system. The Bona coating

long plank flooring

Benefits of Long Plank Flooring

You possibly know different types of wood for flooring. But have you given any consideration to plank dimensions? Installing the same wood in long wide planks or narrow strips can afford different benefits. So knowing which flooring wood measurements offer the most perks is vital.

why choose wide wood planks

Why Choose Wide Wood Planks?

Interior decorations improve the aesthetics of your home. And one variable that dramatically enhances your home look and shows your class is your flooring. This reason is why you’re on an elegant level if your flooring is wide wood planks. Hardwood not only beautifies your

Match Wall Colour with Wood Floor

How to Match Wall Colour with Wood Floor

One of the most important aspects of interior decoration involves balancing the colour themes. It includes ensuring the different shades used in the house go well together to create the perfect design. But, most people don’t understand how challenging this aspect can be until they

Clean Wood Floors

How to Clean Wood Floors

Wood floors require special attention when you want to clean them. The process involves thorough scrubbing with different kinds of cleaners, waxing, cleaning and many other activities. The effort you put in to clean wood floors will be worth it, as your floor will look

FSC Certified Wood Flooring

All You Need to Know About FSC Certified Wood Flooring

The wooden flooring considers several factors. The most common factor that determines the kind of wood used. Hardwood is more expensive than most other wood alternatives. Another factor that makes a price difference is the origin of the tree. Following different manufacturing standards makes wooden