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Why Install Textured Wood Flooring

Textured wood floors are also hardwood floors. The only difference is a change in the top layer’s texture to add more beauty and character to the floor. Hence, depending on the wood type chosen, you’ll still enjoy the benefits of a hardwood floor.

The remainder of this article will explain what textured hardwood flooring is, highlighting reasons to buy this floor.

What Is A Textured Hardwood Floor?

A textured hardwood floor is a hardwood floor that has undergone surface treatment. Usually, the idea is to arrange the surface to give it a different appearance and, in some cases, add some roughness.

Most, if not all, textured hardwood floors have rough surfaces. Hence, these floors fare better in locations with moisture, like bathrooms and kitchens.

Textured floors come in four different types.

Smooth Textured Wood Floors

Smooth textured wood flooring has a smooth surface. If you think about it, it has no texture because of its smooth surface.

The smooth surface of this textured floor gives it a uniform appearance. Therefore, the floor looks the same regardless of where you view the space.

The smoothening process can happen before or after you install textured wood flooring. The most common method is to have it smooth before you purchase it to make installation easy. Choosing to smoothen the floor after its installation may be challenging and will elongate installation periods, increasing costs.

This floor isn’t the type of textured wood flooring for a place where moisture is common. It’s better to use this type of wood floor in a more relaxed setting where users can sit on the floor conveniently.

Brushed Textured Wood Floors

Wood floors come in different grain patterns. Some of these patterns may appear beautiful, while others may not. Brushed textured floors change the texture and grain pattern of the floor using a wired brush.

Usually done before installation, each wood floor plank undergoes the brushing process. Experts combine the brushing process with oil to beautify the end result.

Under specific requests, some companies will use UV-resistant oils to increase the floor’s resilience.

The result of this flooring is usually a more distinct grain pattern. It may appear like an untreated wood floor. This is the best texture for hardwood floors in spaces where moisture is ever-present.

brushed textured wood floors

Reclaimed Textured Wood Floors

If you’re an environmentalist who wants to install textured flooring, this is your best choice. One of the main advantages of this textured flooring is its source. As the name suggests, reclaimed wood is recycled wood in older houses.

Instead of throwing these wood floors away or burning them, the manufacturers remake and refinish them for other uses. It’s not the most attractive textured floor option, but it’s by far the most unique.

Reclaiming wood from different sources and getting the exact design and dimensions you need is almost impossible. Hence, there’s always a difference in the wood blocks you’ll get.

Also, you’ll be reclaiming these old woods with their dents, scratches, and other ageing signs. Combining these will give you a design full of unique history.

Aged Textured Wood Floors

Aged textured hardwood floors have a similar appearance to reclaimed floors. They look old with dents and scratches, but this isn’t an authentic appearance. Unlike old reclaimed floors, the aged texture floor undergoes a process to make it look old.

There are two ways to make it look old;

  • Hand scraping
  • Distressing using machines

Some experts describe these floors with the process used to make them. So instead of aged textured wood, they may call it distressed or hand-scraped wood floor.

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aged textured wood floors

What Are the Benefits of Textured Finish?

Textured floors are a by-product of the wood used to make them. So if you convert an oak wood floor to a textured floor, you’ll enjoy oak floor benefits.

Specifically, some benefits of textured finish include the following;

Good Appearance

Although most types of textured wood flooring have a rough surface, they can look good. It usually depends on the person installing it.

The smooth textured floors look good naturally, but even the reclaimed and aged floors can look great with a perfect installation.

However, they’ll look better in a home already designed with natural-looking woods.

Different Design

Everyone loves to have a unique design that is beautiful and personal. Even if people get to copy your style, you’ll still be the owner of the trend. This is one of the reasons to install textured wood flooring.

These floors don’t have a generic design you can find anywhere. What’s more interesting is that for some types of textured floors, it’s impossible to copy their design.


Smooth floors look nice until you slip. It’s excellent and beautiful to have a smooth floor, but you need to consider that slipping is possible.

First, what’s the primary purpose of space? Then, what types of shoes and flip-flops do you wear? If it’s a location where water can get to the floor, it’s not the best floor option.

Likewise, if you wear shoes with smooth soles, you may slip even without water on the floors.

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textured finish


The environmental benefits are enough to install textured wood flooring in your space. Another benefit, as discussed above, is you get different options. These floors may not have the best designs, but they are unique.

If you’re looking to install textured wood flooring, look no further. We have the best designs to suit your needs. Check out our collection of textured hardwood planks at Three Trees Flooring.

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