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What are the Benefits of Installing a New Wood Floor?

You need to do some things before removing old flooring in your home. One of those things is evaluating the possible benefits of installing a new floor.

A new wood floor undoubtedly improves your property’s financial and infrastructural worth. But those may not even be your intentions.

There are several reasons you may need to install new flooring. For example, you may need to conform your office’s space to the required flooring toughness to avoid fall-related injuries, which are on the rise.

You may be in a dilemma, asking yourself, “should I install new flooring?”. And this hesitation may be due to reasons such as cost implications or naivety about the advantages attached. Regardless, in this article, we’ll highlight reasons you need to update your flooring.

Major Benefits of New Floor Installation

Your home’s comfort and your family’s quality of life increasing are just a few perks you derive when you install a new floor. See more benefits of new floor installation below:

Improves the Visual Appeal of Your Home

Hardwood flooring’s aesthetic value makes a home feel larger and cozier. Everything seems different when hardwood floors are installed in a room that formerly had flooring like carpeting. The space often gives the impression of being larger, brighter, and more active than normal.

This transformation is a fantastic development if you plan on selling your home. A  larger and fancier dwelling will likely fetch a greater price in Toronto’s seller’s market.

Low-maintenance and Simple to Clean

Another reason new hardwood flooring is worth it is its cleaning and maintenance ease. You can easily maintain hardwood floors daily with a broom, dustpan, and mop.

This ease is unlike that of floors like carpets which require thorough vacuuming and may require stain remover.

New floor benefits also include the freedom you experience and the time you’ll save for yourself each day. Additionally, dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens won’t be a reason for worry any longer.

simple to clean

Incredibly Sturdy and Resilient

Changing your flooring from material like carpet to hardwood is a significant upgrade. And hardwood floors are popular among homeowners because they will last for decades with proper care.

One of the benefits of installing a new floor like hardwood is you can remove dents or scratches with refinishing. However, eliminating filth or debris beneath a carpet is considerably more laborious and expensive than refinishing hardwood.

Better Air Quality

Floorings like carpets are notorious for harboring large quantities of dust, grime, animal dander, pollen, and other stench beneath them.

Therefore, a time to install new flooring is when you or someone staying with you develops asthma or other respiratory conditions. Such people would do well in a place with hardwood floors.

One of the benefits of new floors like hardwood is that the fresh wood fragrance adds to the room’s ambience. It makes you feel like you’re reclining outdoors in breezy vegetation.

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Versatile and Appropriate for Any Design Scheme

Hardwood flooring is like black pants. You can tailor it to complement any interior design scheme. This possibility is one of the benefits of installing a new floor like hardwood.

New wood flooring gives you the artistic liberty to adapt your home’s decor to the needs of any given season or special event.

You can find hardwood flooring in several styles, sizes, colors, and species. Its distinctive designs include geometric patterns, swirls, and different wood shades.

This variance brings so much personality to a room. Plus, you can avoid an unwelcome color clash if you install it in your home.

install it in your home

Extremely Long-Lasting

Carpets lose their sheen and lustre after a few years of regular foot traffic. Wooden floors are timeless because they can be refinished endlessly by sanding down the old, worn finish and applying a new layer of shine or lacquer.

This rejuvenation is inapplicable to floors like carpets and tiles. You must replace them once they lose their spark.

Carpet installation is much more expensive than refinishing an existing hardwood floor. The money you save from not having to replace carpet repeatedly can be invested towards refinishing your new hardwood floors.

You Enhance the Acoustics of Your Home

If you’re a music person, this perk is one of the benefits you enjoy when you install new hardwood floors. Hardwood floors usually provide a distinct acoustic quality that’s immediately apparent.

Hardwood flooring allows sound waves to rebound and bounce off them. This feature is unlike carpets which usually absorb sound. This trait is why almost every studio dedicated to dance or music uses hardwood flooring.

Cost of Hardwood Flooring is Reasonable

New hardwood flooring may cost more than carpet does per square foot. But they are more than worth it for several reasons.

Let’s first speak of what it costs to install new hardwood flooring. The installation will set you back between $10 to $12.00 per square foot. This makes it more expensive than carpet by roughly $3.50 to $5.00 per square foot.

Hardwood floors may be more expensive up front, but they will more than pay for themselves throughout your homeownership.

Hardwood floors last considerably longer than carpets and require less maintenance. To put it succinctly, it would have a lower total cost of ownership over its lifetime.

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cost of hardwood flooring is reasonable


The benefits of installing a new hardwood floor are undeniable compared to its competitors. Therefore, solid hardwood flooring is a fantastic option to give your house or office property a facelift.

But you need to be sure you’re buying the right wood for your installation. And we’re your best bet to get high-quality hardwood flooring materials.

Three Trees Flooring is the leading provider of wood flooring in Ontario. Look through our online collection of durable hardwood floors, each with a unique aesthetic design.

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