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Engineered Wide Plank Floors VS Solid Wide Plank Floors

Are you currently pondering which type of wood plank to use for your floor? Are you still deciding which plank to go for in the engineered vs solid wide plank floor debate? Look no further, as we provide you with a comprehensive article to guide your decision.

Welcome to our blog, where we’ll highlight the features of engineered wide plank floors and solid ones. Regardless of whichever wide plank floor you choose, both have unique pros and cons.

Hence, this article aims to shed more light on the wide plank debacle and help you choose the right flooring for your home or office building.

What are Wide Plank Floors?

We understand you’re eager to dive into the main course and decipher which plank floor is for you. However, before choosing between engineered and solid wide planks, let’s start with the basics.

Wide plank floors are solid or engineered wood planks that are intentionally wider than the regular 2.5 40 4.5inch boards readily available in the flooring market.

Wide plank floors typically cost more than the average hardwood floor plank. The higher price for wide plank floors comes from their source of acquisition. Wide planks are primarily hewn from the trunk of trees and do not depend on the branches for production. Effectively, this renders the branches useless for producing wide plank floors.

wide plank floors

Why Choose Solid or Engineered Wide Plank Floors?

Due to the length of the wide planks, they possess fewer seams in their structure which makes installation in your home or office an easier prospect.

Secondly, the wide planks give your home an ostentatiously classic look and a homely feel. This improvement in your home’s aesthetics can boost the resale value of your home.

Wide planks also pair wonderfully with rustic décor. Hence, you can give your home a traditional and serene outlook. Little tip: brace yourself for a multitude of envious guests.

It’s not all peaches and roses, as the decision to buy wide plank floors can set you back financially upon your initial purchase. Hence, you need to plan for this higher upfront investment. Additionally, wide plank floors aren’t readily available at the drop of a hat due to their unique production method. These floors tend to come through special orders, which often have a waiting period.

solid or engineered wide plank floors

Solid Wide Plank Floors: Definition and Quick Info

Solid wide plank flooring comes from a solid piece of wood. Solid wide planks typically come from old and durable trees like oak, walnut or maple. The boards also undergo an extensive drying process that makes the wide planks moisture resistant.

Furthermore, when contemplating engineered vs solid wide plank floors, it’s important to note the uniqueness of the solid wide plank. Solid wide planks are narrower than the engineered versions. Hence, they cover more distance across the floor. This feature means solid wide planks come with fewer seams.

Additionally, solid wide plank flooring can come prefinished or unfinished. And regardless of which one you choose, you’ll enjoy the benefits of the solid plank.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Solid wide planks are simple to clean and maintain. Basic vacuuming and moping can keep the planks spick and span while prolonging their longevity. Wood cleaner application is equally appropriate in keeping the solid planks clean.

easy to clean and maintain plank floor


Durability is vital when deciding which to go with in the engineered vs solid wide plank floors fiasco. Fortunately, solid wide planks are ideal for their rugged durability. This durability is because solid wide planks can undergo sanding numerous times without compromising their integrity.

Solid wide planks can withstand refinishing multiple times during their lifespan without deteriorating. In fact, prefinished solid wide planks offer better durability due to the application of the factory-prepared finish.

Installation Method

Solid wide plank features a tongue and groove system. In this system of floorboard installation, the planks have nails go through them that interact with tongues in the subfloor.

Furthermore, the lifespan of these solid wide plans is far-reaching as they can last from 30 years up to 100 years. This is due to the ability of the solid planks to withstand numerous aforementioned refinishing touches and sanding.

installation method wild floor


Size matters in the installation of hardwood floors. The typical solid hardwood is 2 cm thick and 6 cm wide. Solid wide plank floorings can range in length from 30 to 215 cm. Lastly, if you’re looking to give your home a truly rustic and sublime décor, solid wood planks are the way to go. The presence of solid wood planks is appealing to prospective home buyers, hence improving the resale value of your home.

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Features and What to Expect from Engineered Wide Planks

Engineered wide plank flooring comes from a high-quality plywood core with a thin layer of hardwood flooring on the top. The engineered wide plank is quite common to spot in most modern-day homes. The production of the planks stems from the imitation of hardwood flooring. Hence, each engineered wood flooring board consists of multiple component layers whose desire is to appear as thick as possible.

Here are some unique features that can guide your decision in the engineered vs solid wide plank floors debate.

Production and Installation

Firstly, the production of engineered wood isn’t limited as it doesn’t rely purely on hardwood.

Secondly, the installation process for engineered wood planks is simple and DIY-friendly. Engineered wide planks typically come in interlocking pieces that fit easily like LEGO blocks during installation.

production and installation floor

Pattern and Seams

Furthermore, the engineered wide plank features shortboards that range from 15 cm, leaving the planks with more seams. Hence, the presence of more seams in the engineered wood gives it a busy pattern look for the floor of the home.


Engineered wide plank flooring system consists of two main thickness components. There is the backing which is responsible for the flooring’s structure. Next is the wear layer, which serves as the uppermost layer of the floor. Typically, the backing should be thicker than the wear layer to yield a stronger result.

thickness floor


The high propensity for engineered wood to be prefinished affords the wood the chance to come in a wide range of species and colours. Consequently, you can peruse our vast catalogue of prefinished engineered wood planks that’ll suit your needs on our online hardwood store.

Resistance and Durability

When it comes to heat and water resistance, engineered wood planks are the perfect candidates. Ideally, the engineered wide plank primarily consists of plywood which imbues the planks with more reinforcement.

This reinforcement means more resistance to warping or deformation. The engineered wood’s resistance to distortion makes it a prime candidate for humid locations. This feature of the engineered wood is especially important if the installation takes place over a concrete subfloor.

The considerable moisture resistance of the engineered wood plank makes it easy to clean and maintain. You can use a damp mop and wood cleaner to ensure that the engineered wood stays clean.


In the constant engineered vs solid wide plank floors discussion, refinishing of the engineered wood is often a major talking point. Apparently, the engineered wood planks possess a limited amount of refinishing touches.

Furthermore, coupled with the easy installation of engineered wood comes the cost of purchase. The engineered wood can range between $3 to $10 per square foot. These relatively affordable prices of engineered woods are one of the reasons for the popularity of engineered wood.



Interestingly, engineered wood planks aren’t only short but are thinner than their counterparts. The average thickness can range from 1 to 2 cm with more emphasis on the backing. You can get premium engineered wide planks at any of our stores nationwide and begin the refurbishing process of your home.

Hopefully, these laid-out features of both types of hardwood flooring will enable you to choose between engineered and solid wide planks floors. Regardless, as we progress further down the article, you will learn more about the fundamental differences between the two hardwood planks.

Key Differences between Engineered and Wide Plank Floors

At this point, we’ve been able to expose you to the general features of both engineered and solid wood planks. Therefore, let’s dive into the key differences between these two types of hardwood planks.

This section aims to provide you with pivotal differences between the two hardwoods. Ultimately, making it easier for you to pick a side in the engineered vs solid wide plank floors discussion.

Features Solid Wood Flooring Engineered Wood Flooring
Sizes Thickness hovers around 2 cm and the length ranges from 30 to 215 cm with a width ranging from 5 to 10 cm Thickness ranges between 1 to 2 cm while the width appears between 5 to 15 cm and the length varies between 30 to 150 cm
Cost Can cost between $8 to $15 per square foot Can cost between $4 to $7 per square foot
Cleaning Advisable to avoid wet mops and utilize wood cleaners Can easily be cleaned with a damp mop
Materials Pure hardwood Plywood bonded to a thin layer of hardwood
Core Material Hardwood Plywood
Moisture Exposure It is water-resistant but not waterproof Stronger water resistant but not waterproof
Installation Tongue and groove, nail down Floating or glue-down
Sanding and Refinishing 3 to 4 times over a period of time Once or twice only
Lifespan 30 to 100 years 20 to 40 years


However, it is always important to purchase the hardwood flooring of the highest quality. Whether you choose solid or engineered wood, make sure it is of top quality. Also, you must maintain the hardwood flooring constantly to ensure its longevity.

There is no one ‘proper’ or ‘safe’ degree of slip resistance since it is determined by the interplay of several elements such as the kind of floor surface, pollutants, job duties, maintenance process, who is walking in the area, their shoes, their activities, and the surrounding environment. This safety check is accomplished by employing a risk management strategy.

key differences

Why Choose Engineered Wide Plank Floors

We have shown you the main difference between the two hardwoods. Hopefully, you are closer to finalizing the engineered vs solid wide plank floor situation. Hence, we want to take some time to shed more light on the main strengths of each hardwood.

Next, we will start with the benefits of engineered wide wood planks and highlight its significant advantages over its counterpart. Therefore, once you go through the advantages and strengths of the engineered wood plank, you can decide to choose it.

Firstly, engineered wood planks come in various colours and hues that can add dynamism to your home.

Furthermore, the installation of engineered wood planks is more straightforward than that of solid wood planks. Hence, you can carry out the installation process via DIY with little to no hassle.

Secondly, another prime benefit of engineered wide wood planks is water and heat resistance. Whereas the engineered wood isn’t entirely waterproof, it is exceptionally resistant to moisture. The presence of plywood in the engineered wood makes it less susceptible to warping.

Furthermore, the higher water-resistance of the engineered wood makes it easier to clean with a wet mop in contrast to the solid wood planks. Hence, this makes the engineered wood plank ideal wood flooring for your kitchen and bathroom.

While we are still on engineered vs solid wide plank floors, it’s important to note that the former is relatively cheaper than the latter.

Moreover, not only is the cost of the engineered wood cheaper, but due to its DIY installation process, you will spend next to nothing on professional installation.

These are the main advantages of installing engineered wood planks in your home. Therefore, do well to consider all these significant points before deciding on a purchase. Regardless, if you choose to settle for some engineered wood planks, look no further. Our stores offer incredible rates on a wide variety of engineered wood planks to meet your every need.

engineered wide plank flooring

Why Choose Solid Wide Plank Floors

We have gone over the reasons for choosing engineered wide planks. Now without further ado, let’s dive into the benefits of solid wide plank flooring. Hence, you will get all the vital information pivotal to the uniqueness of solid wide planks that will guide your decision.

Firstly, solid wood planks are significantly more durable than engineered wood. The solid planks can undergo sanding and refinishing multiple times throughout their lifetime. Regardless of these refurbishing, the solid wood plank never loses its integrity.

The lifespan of the solid wood is far superior to that of the engineered wood. The solid wood flooring can last over 100 years with proper maintenance. The wood grain naturally ages beautifully and gives a rustic outlook to your home.

Due to the longevity of the solid wood floor, it can significantly boost the resale value of your home. The durability and endurance of solid wood are vastly appealing to prospective home buyers and real estate professionals.

Finally, with this in-depth look into both engineered and solid wood. We hope we have been able to guide you in deciding whether to install solid or engineered wide plank floors for your home where you see fit.

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why choose solid wide plank floors

In the End

At the end of the day, regardless of which wood plank you go for, you will get the best out of it. We’ve highlighted the significant differences in the engineered vs solid wide plank floors industry. Hence, we suggest you carefully consider engineered and solid wood’s above-mentioned pros and cons. Consider the costs, installation, durability, maintenance and more before making your final decision.

Here at Three Trees Flooring, we offer the best selection of wide plank floors for your home or office building. Look through our online collection of wide plank floors today!

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