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Benefits of 3-ply Engineered Wood Flooring

Today, 3-ply engineered wood flooring is positioned as one of the best alternatives to solid hardwood. In other words, your space is in for another level of exotic aesthetics when you install 3-ply engineered wood flooring.

Floors like laminates, marble, and stone may appear appealing. But engineered wood’s ageless appeal makes it a perfect choice for modern house design.

With this engineered flooring, you can incorporate contemporary or antique feelings into your home while maintaining a classic look. Let’s take a look at 3-ply engineered wood flooring benefits.

Why You Should Install 3-ply Engineered Wood Flooring

The addition of decorative variables may greatly enhance every home’s appearance. Your flooring is one of those factors that can greatly project the aesthetic of your home and reflect your class. This reason is one of the many that should make you install 3-ply engineered wood flooring.

Here are some more benefits of 3-ply flooring.

1. Ease of Maintaining and Cleaning

Cleaning 3-ply engineered wood flooring is a snap. As a result, maintaining it will be super easy.

Stain and liquid spill resistance are core features of this floor. With this trait, cleaning your 3-ply engineered wood flooring is as simple as it can get. Therefore, you have no worries about pets and kids playing around or littering the environment.

When you install 3-ply engineered wood flooring, you’re experiencing a floor that’s more hygienic than carpeting. Fleas, ticks, and mites have no business with you. That’s why it doesn’t matter if you have pets or allergies.

easy cleaning

2. Fewer Seams

3-ply flooring features include wide wood variants. Therefore, another benefit of  3-ply engineered wood flooring is the near-absence of seams.

Some people initially argued that 3-ply engineered wood usually comes in thinner planks. So, there’ll be a lot of seams when the installation is complete.

But with its wide plank variants, you’re assured of the least amount of seams upon installation. In other words, you’ll have no inhibitions in taking pleasure in the wood’s innate lines and grains.

This advantage is also a feature that elongates the space beneath your feet and highlights the vertical grains of your flooring.

3. Value of Your Home Increases

This heading is one of the main reasons you should install 3-ply engineered flooring. Your house increases in financial worth immediately after you install this engineered wood flooring.

Unless there is a problem, a property with 3-ply engineered wood flooring will sell quicker than one with carpeting or stone. Carpets and the like can trigger allergies. Therefore most buyers will avoid houses that have them.

So naturally, a home with 3-ply engineered wood planks as the flooring will attract more buyers.

4. Structure

Engineered flooring with three layers is known as 3-ply engineered flooring. Exotic hardwood species are for the top layer, while more tender and faster-growing wood species are used for the backing and core.

In contrast to normal 2-layer engineered floors that have a rigid top and bottom layer, this one has a pliable top and bottom layer that can expand and contract together. This type of construction allows for larger widths and longer lengths than would normally be achievable.

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5. Stability

When you install 3-ply engineered wood flooring, you have excellent dimensional stability. You can even install it over or underground level, as well as with underfloor heating.

As a result, 3-ply engineered wood flooring has the same performance and qualities as solid wood flooring but with a criss-cross structure. This structure makes it more stable than other types of flooring.

6. Installation

Some homeowners just want a simple click system floating installation. Such instances arise where the planks aren’t affixed to the subfloor or each other. Here’s when to install 3-ply engineered wood.

3-ply engineered wood will ensure installation and repair of the flooring will be less time-consuming and more cost-effective.


7. Environmentally-friendly

3-ply engineered wood ensures there’s more product per precious hardwood tree. And this is because the top veneer of 3-plies only uses a thin covering of pricey hardwood.

In other words, 3-ply engineered wood has a smaller environmental impact because it’s constructed primarily of fast-renewable trees like poplar and pine.

8. Suitability

Conservatories, basements, and other moist areas are among the best rooms to install 3-Ply engineered wood flooring. The durability of the flooring gives it that edge. In addition, most manufacturers’ specifications state that this product is excellent for underfloor heating.

9. Semblance with Natural Wood

Real wood floors have long been prized for their coziness and rustic charm. Uniqueness is found in the top layer of genuine, beautiful natural wood that has been coloured and patterned by nature. The planks are all unique.

On the other hand, engineered wood floors have taken advantage of contemporary technological improvements in staining, textures, appearances, and finishes. This development means you can now acquire a choice of engineered wood flooring treatments to fit a wide range of tastes.

10. Affordability

For the environment and your wallet, 3-ply engineered flooring is a more affordable alternative than solid hardwood flooring.

11. Long Lasting

Are you still asking,”should I install 3-ply engineered wood flooring?”. Here’s one more reason; 3ply engineered wood floors promise a lifespan of up to 25 years.

Along the line, you may want a fresh or improved look. All you need to do is sand it down and finish it again.

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long lasting


3-Ply engineered wood flooring installation is a popular alternative to solid wood flooring. As stated in this article, this position is due to the former’s higher durability, sustainability, and appropriateness for diverse situations.

Together, these features result in an inexpensive, long-lasting, incredibly solid floor capable of maintaining its form even when exposed to rapid or significant temperature fluctuations. This realization makes 3-ply engineered wood flooring ideal for Canadian interior spaces.

Are you looking to join the number of Canadians using 3-ply engineered wood flooring? Then, Three Trees Flooring is your best bet!

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