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How Much Does it Cost to Install Long Plank Flooring?

The decision to install long plank flooring isn’t one to take lightly. Factors like the installation space’s size and condition can influence your results. But, perhaps, more importantly, the cost is your biggest consideration.

We get many questions about how much it costs to install long plank flooring. Just like yourself, many property owners in Ontario are also looking to enjoy the benefits of long plank floors.

This flooring option offers wider coverage. In addition, its intentional spatial representation makes small spaces look bigger. Finally, its resilience and longevity make the cost of long plank flooring worth it.

Here’s all you need to know about the cost of long plank floors.

Why Do Long Plank Floors Cost More?

As the saying goes, quality breeds quality. Long plank flooring is highly durable and long-lasting on the market. The price per square foot for each plank is $8 on average.

But why is the cost of the long plank flooring higher? Aside from the quality of the flooring, other factors contribute to the long plank cost. Ultimately, the price to install long plank flooring will vary depending on the material, finish grade, surface area, preparation and specific needs, and labour cost.


The price for installing long plank floors significantly contributes to the relatively high cost. Therefore, we advise that you seek professional floor installers for long plank floors. The installation process of the long planks is delicate, and any incorrect installation will lead to more significant problems.

Furthermore, the long planks can peel or bend if installed incorrectly. Therefore, you’ll find yourself paying significantly more to correct the issue.

When deciding how much to install long plank floors, please pay attention to the installation position. The location of where you install each long plank is vital. Eventually, the long planks will have to be cut adequately to fit any irregular wall sides.


Selection of Board Material

One of the main features of hardwood, particularly long planks, is the presence of natural wood in the flooring structure. If you’re unsure which type of natural wood to choose, seek the help of a professional.

Hardwood like white oak or walnut are cheaper but best installed in low-traffic areas. On the other hand, natural wood like hickory or Brazilian cherry are best placed in high-traffic areas but costs more.

Therefore, the long plank flooring cost depends on the type of wood you choose. Fortunately, you can visit any supply store in Ontario and browse the vast catalogue of long plank floors.


As indicated in its name, long plank floors have a considerable length that surpasses most other floorings. Hence, this extra length contributes to the additional cost per square foot.

However, the extra length justifies the average cost of the long plank floors due to the wide coverage the planks offer. The long planks cover more space per square foot than other alternative flooring options.

So, considering the length of each plank, the overall number of planks will be less. Therefore, the presence of fewer planks allows for a faster installation process.


We’ve already touched on this point earlier, but we must bolster its importance. When you buy long plank flooring, you guarantee quality flooring for the foreseeable future.

On average, long plank flooring can last many decades. Hence, the long planks possess generational properties that will improve the value of your home.

Furthermore, you can reclaim the long planks after their prolonged existence and repurpose them. Also, if you experience significant damage in a particular floor area, you can easily replace that portion.

Ultimately, look at long plank flooring as a worthwhile investment. The cost may be steep right now, but you’ll be saving money further down the line.

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Other Factors that Affect the Cost of Long Plank Flooring

Now you know the reasons for the high cost of long plank flooring. So, let’s explore other factors that affect the cost of long planks. These factors determine how much you’ll pay for additional services once you have the long planks.

Skill Level of Installer

We’ve already established that getting professional help to install the planks is better. However, be wary of the skill level of your hire.

Don’t be swayed by a cheaper installer due to their lower price. A more inexpensive service may not always be the best. So, no matter how much the long plank floors cost, a cheap installation will ruin them. The more frugal installer may miss essential steps and cost you more in future repairs.

Type of House

The type of house you live in can affect the cost of installing the long plank floor. The cost will vary whether you live on a ranch, cabin, or duplex. We recommended seeking advice on the best type of long plank floors for your home. Once you get the ideal wood to invest in, you can begin the installation.

Different types of houses have certain peculiarities that can affect the state of the wood. Hence, getting suitable wood for the right home will boost the plank’s longevity.


After buying long plank floors for installation, you’ll inevitably experience wastage. These wastages occur due to irregular areas of the house that will need adjustment. Hence, it’s essential to plan for these wastages.

We recommend you add an extra 7-10% to the general budget for the long planks. Then, repurpose extra bits of the planks for other uses later. However, if you come up short on available planks during installation, you’ll delay the process and spend more.

Seasonal Purchase

Discounts go a long way in saving you money on long plank floor costs. You can take advantage of the season and purchase these planks at discounted prices.

Typically, the period between the end of autumn and the beginning of winter is the best time to buy planks. It’s a down season that you can capitalize on as negotiations are more aggressive in this period.

So, expect the average cost of long plank floors to be at their lowest here. This period is for you if you’re moving into a new home and doing an extensive renovation.

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seasonal purchase


The cost of long plank flooring may appear high initially, but they serve as ideal long-term investments. Therefore, make sure to take note of the factors highlighted in this article.

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