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All You Need to Know About Bespoke Wood Flooring 

Having the right floor can make all the difference in home interior design. It can have a massive effect on the feel and outlook of the entire room. Therefore, it’s quite essential that you get it right, especially when you’re going with wood floors. That’s why many designers recommend using bespoke wood flooring; you can hardly go wrong with it.

The idea of being able to customize your hardwood floors is something every homeowner appreciates. It means you don’t necessarily have to settle for pre-created designs. Instead, you get to have professionals cut and craft hardwood floors to your specific taste. That’s pretty much the summary of everything bespoke wood flooring entails.

There are several aspects to the concept of bespoke wood flooring. While most people prefer wooden floors for the natural element they bring into homes, you can achieve more with bespoke floors. We’ll buttress more on these assertions a little further in the post. But, first, let’s dig into all the essential things you need to know about bespoke wood flooring and its benefits.

What is Bespoke Wood Flooring?

Generally, you have two main options when furnishing or redecorating your home. You can go for pre-made designs or have a specialist create custom designs for your home. Considering the variety of wood options available today, picking the appropriate one out of many designs can be challenging. Often, it’s a lot easier to create a custom design.

Bespoke wood flooring involves having wood floors custom-designed to your preferences. It allows you to add as much personal touch as you’d like to the wood flooring in your space. This flooring idea gives you total control over everything that applies to your wood floors.

If you so desire, you can have the wood floors featuring unnatural colours such as green, purple or blue. You also get to pick the species, build and shade of the wood. You can even use reclaimed wood for your bespoke wood floors. Your options are infinite and limitless with bespoke wood designs.

Essential Considerations When Picking Bespoke Floors

Bespoke wood flooring options give a lot of flexibility with the varying choices at your disposal. However, there are still some points you need to consider before going with them. The following are tips to help you choose a bespoke flooring that will suit your specific needs.

Choose Your Hardwood Carefully

There are multiple hardwood species, types, and designs you can use when it comes to flooring. There are also varying board structures you can choose from, and each has several unique features. Furthermore, when selecting your hardwood, you need to carefully consider several things, such as its maintenance and environmental adaptability.

Talking about board structure, you can go for solid or engineered wood flooring. A solid wood floor is a single-layered board cut out of natural wood. It provides a generous possibility for sanding and refinishing. However, it lacks elasticity which makes it react badly to drastic variations in temperature and humidity. Nonetheless, it tends to last for an extended period of up to 100 years.

On the other hand, Engineered wood is made by glueing several layers of wood to each other. As a result, it offers more flexibility and elasticity than solid hardwood. This feature enables it to handle drastic changes in humidity and temperature better than solid wood. In addition, it’s an excellent choice if you have underfloor heating systems. However, it has a shorter lifespan than solid hardwood floors, typically 20-40 years.

While considering those two basic options, you want to factor in their advantages and disadvantages. Then again, you want to think about the environment and the best board structure to use on it. This way, you can enjoy your wood floor for a long time without any hassles.

Go With A Look That Matches Your Lifestyle

Once you decide which wood floor structure you’re going with, the next thing is to plan your design around your lifestyle. Many homeowners make a mistake when picking wood floor designs by choosing something they can’t work with. They might like the design at the moment, but it may not fit their overall lifestyle.

You want to pay specific attention to functionality. For example, if you’re the type who often entertains a lot of visitors, you should go with something that can handle a lot of traffic. If you tend to spill food and drinks, you want something that doesn’t absorb oil and water quickly. If you don’t always have time to clean, you want to go with something requiring low maintenance.

To be more explicit, consider this example. Engineered wood floor in a house with kids and pets is not the best idea. First off, it’s exposed to stains from the baby’s food, play materials etc. Furthermore, the children and pets can leave visible scratches and dents on the wood floors while playing.

So in such a situation, you should consider going for dark shades of solid hardwood. These can handle most of whatever the children can throw at them. In contrast, a light wood floor will beautifully display all the “artworks” created by kids.

Classics Always Work Better than Trendy

Trends come and go; they’re ever-changing. And because something is trendy doesn’t mean it’s the right choice. Plus, there’s no guarantee that the trendy option will last the test of time. So instead of going for a look you think is trending, you should adopt a timeless classic design.

But then again, bespoke wood flooring is all about creating your style; you don’t have to worry much about trends. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t let trends dictate your taste. Instead, draw inspiration from the classics and create something you’ll love for a very long time.

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Advantages of Installing Bespoke Wood Floor

Advantages of Installing Bespoke Wood Flooring in Your Home

By now, some of the main benefits of bespoke wood flooring should be obvious to you. The majority of the points stated above provide hints on the reasons you need bespoke wood flooring. Nonetheless, let’s consider the following perks of bespoke wood floors.

Limitless Design Options

The main highlight of bespoke wood flooring is its flexibility to create a unique design. You don’t have to settle for a factory-finished style that may not entirely satisfy you. Unfortunately, you have little to no control over predesigned wood floors from the factory. You may find something interesting now and then, but most times, you won’t find what you want.

If you’re the creative type with a wild imagination, it’ll be even more difficult to settle with generic styles. Your imagination is probably overflowing with brilliant designs you’ll love to try on your floors. So why compromise for something that’s a result of someone else’s imagination?

Bespoke wood flooring allows you to bring your brightest floor design ideas to life. Without technical knowledge about wood floors, you can get professionals to custom-design wood floors to your taste. When installing bespoke wood flooring, your only limitation is your imagination. Your design options extend as far as your mind can create them.

But, even if you’re not the type with a super-creative imagination, you can still go for unique flooring designs. Bespoke wood flooring is not only for people who can create their designs. There are several custom designs also available for people who are yet to discover their styles. So, you can and will find something that works for you with bespoke wood floors.

Brings Timeless Beauty and Elegance to Your House

Wood flooring designs always have a significant positive effect on the overall beauty of an environment. Many people will agree that wood flooring looks more elegant than other flooring designs. It’s evidence of good taste and a credit to the homeowners’ sense of style.

Not only that, the colour spectrum and design options with wood flooring are vast. First off, there are several types, shapes, species, and structures of wood you can use for flooring. Then again, all the wood flooring options are beautiful and unique in different ways. And when you combine them with the right wall paint and furniture, you can transform your home interiors into a beautiful work of art.

However, going for bespoke wood flooring takes all of that to an entirely different level. You get beautiful one-of-a-kind designs for your space. You can also easily improvise with other ideas to boost the elegance of your house. Bespoke wood designs give you complete control and allow you to have your floor however you want it.

For the most interesting part, wood floors don’t go out of trend. They’ve been around for a while and are still very relevant. So, you can count on your wood floor design to remain relevant and beautiful several years down the line.

Brings Authenticity and a Unique Character to The Environment

Most of what you’ll find on off-the-shelf outlets are wood floor designs with several duplicates. You will probably never see any one-of-a-kind or unique design there. That’s not bad, but you’re only going to have the same wood floor design as maybe fifty, hundred or a thousand other people.

But, what’s stopping you from having an original design for your space? You can easily bring an air of authenticity and uniqueness into your living space with custom wood floors. You have control over everything, including the choice of wood, to a reasonable extent.

By matching different colours, woodgrain, styles etc., you can pioneer a new trend/design in wood flooring. Or better still, you can have someone else do all the design development for you. Creating a personalized home space has never been easier.

Wood Floors are Quite Durable and Bring Warmth to the Environment

Wood floors are very sturdy, and the same applies to bespoke wood flooring. You can count on them to last and remain strong for several years. If you go for solid hardwood, you’re investing in a very long term flooring solution for your home. Engineered hardwood also tends to last for a few decades at the very least.

Then again, unlike tile flooring, wood floors are literally warm to walk on. Plus, they also feature vibrant colours that add warmth to the ambience of the environment. So, you may not have to invest in underfloor heating during the cold seasons.

Nonetheless, you want to put significant effort into maintaining your bespoke wood floors. That’s if you desire to preserve them for long. The maintenance requirements will vary depending on the design you opt for. Ensure to get proper instructions from a professional on how best to maintain your wood floors.

An Environmental Friendly Option

With environmental concerns dominating the headlines recently, almost everybody’s watching their carbon footprints. We are also very much invested in saving our planet and believe you also share this opinion. An excellent way to contribute your part is by opting for wooden flooring options.

The design and installation process for wood floors leave little to no carbon footprint. You simply cut and carve the wood using electrically powered devices. Cutting down trees to make wood floors does sound counterintuitive with regard to environmental preservation. However, it’s a little better than creating and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

Overall, wood floors are natural, and their use for floors doesn’t contribute to carbon emissions. That said, going for other flooring materials may result in significant damage to the environment.

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Final Thoughts

Choosing the right bespoke wood flooring can be pretty challenging, especially if it’s your first time. However, it’s best to always take the functionality and the structure of the wood into consideration when making a decision. We’ll also recommend embracing the simple classic and timeless look over flashy trends that don’t last.

That said, if you’re trying to get bespoke flooring design ideas, we have something for you. Check out our online store at Three Trees Flooring for bespoke wood flooring designs. Also, you can contact us if you have a design idea you’d like to bring to life. We’ll be happy to help out and create new beautiful styles with you.

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