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Author: Jeff

textured wood flooring

Why Install Textured Wood Flooring

Textured wood floors are also hardwood floors. The only difference is a change in the top layer’s texture to add more beauty and character to the floor. Hence, depending on the wood type chosen, you’ll still enjoy the benefits of a hardwood floor. The remainder

what exactly is chevron flooring

What Exactly Is Chevron Flooring?

Choosing the right flooring option for your home or office is critical. You must consider the different patterns, strengths, and appearances depending on your preference. Chevron flooring is one of the top choices you can make whether you’re choosing for a home or office. Often

best wood for chevron flooring

5 Tips on Choosing the Best Wood for Chevron Flooring

The advantages of wood flooring are numerous, ranging from comfort and warmth to strength and longevity. And this position is validated by the increasing installation of wooden floors in Canada. Chevron design has become the preferred option for residential flooring. And it looks even better