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20 Plywood Flooring Ideas

One of the most important aspects of a house is its flooring. When the flooring is made from durable materials, it can last for a longer period of time. The industry offers various types of flooring materials that may suit the taste of different homeowners. However, one of the most famous types of flooring is made of wood. Plywood flooring is a kind of wood flooring that can be used for different areas of a house. It is a cheaper option compared to hardwood flooring. It is highly advised that homeowners look into different styles and designs that they can use plywood for their flooring needs.

20 Plywood Flooring Ideas

Give your bedroom plywood floor a matte finish

o   If you are considering a cozy and comfortable feel to your room, give your plywood floor a matte finish. Compared to a shiny floor, a matte finish ensures that light does not reflect off your floor. This will not make your room too bright at any time of the day. You can rest your eyes easily while you are in your bedroom because you will not be distracted with a bright shiny floor. Also, a matte finish can effectively hide any imperfections and dirt on your plywood floor. Any smudges or scratches are less visible with a matte finish making your room presentable at all times.

Add a shiny plywood floor to your living room

o   Shiny plywood flooring is good to be installed in your living room. Plywood flooring is made from durable materials. It goes well in a living room because this area usually has high foot traffic. Coating your plywood flooring with a glossy finish will make it more attractive. Shiny wood flooring looks cleaner and can easily catch the attention of your visitors. Shiny plywood flooring is used for its longevity and aesthetics.

Complement the designs of your furniture and rooms with the perfect color for your plywood flooring

o   It may seem scary when you are not familiar with the color combinations that would go well with your house design. If you have already painted a certain room with your preferred color, you may opt to add finishing to your plywood flooring that would work well with the color of the room. However, if you decide to have your plywood flooring installed before painting and adding furniture to the room, then you can match the colors of these with the color tone of your plywood flooring. An example would be if you opted to use plywood flooring that accentuates its yellow or orange tones. You may opt to put in furniture and paint the room a color that has a shade of blue to balance out the room.

If you wish to use plywood flooring for most of your house, it would be best to connect it with other rooms that would fit this type of flooring

o   There are times during the design layout of your house that you are shown the open floor plan. It is highly advised that you consider placing rooms next to each other that would be using plywood flooring. Seeing seams between rooms may not be visually appealing. Having a continuous installation of plywood flooring from room to room would make your house look more pleasing. In addition, cleaning the flooring of these rooms would be more efficient since you would be using the same materials before you transfer to a room with a different type of flooring.

Rooms that were given with modern designs would pair well with plywood flooring

o   Naturally, a modern room design shows an uncluttered and smooth look to a room. Modern design aims to give a clean look to the room. Plywood flooring fits well in this type of room design. The authentic look and feel is highlighted by plywood flooring. It is advised that you apply a stain that would mimic the appearance of your preferred hardwood floor.

Put fabrics and rugs on your plywood flooring

o   Looking at any type of wood flooring illustrates a hard and firm surface. This may look simple and boring to some people. To add contrast to this hardness and firmness, you may add rugs or softer fabrics on certain areas of the room. This will add softness to the room.

Install darker plywood flooring in rooms with multiple or large windows

o   When sunlight easily enters rooms through the windows, it may make the room too bright during certain times. This may not look too pleasing if the room becomes too bright. Using plywood flooring stained with darker color can add contrast to this brightness and add balance to the room during these times.

Use artful distraction to a room that you do not want to give too much on your plywood flooring

o   There may be times that you purchased a fully-furnished house, and you decided not to renovate or remove the plywood flooring that already came with the house. If you feel that plywood flooring used in a specific room does not fit the furniture, color of the walls, or the appliances placed in the room, then you should take away the attention from the plywood flooring and give the focus on the other pieces inside the room. You can change to brightly colored furniture so that it will take all of the attention instead. You can add colorful accents to other pieces in the room so that all the eyes will be on them.

Balance out the feeling in a room by adding textures made from varying materials

o   For some, having a room that is installed with plywood flooring and filled with mostly wooden furnishings can feel too heavy on the eyes. This may easily be fixed by using varying furnishings with materials made from metal, concrete, leather, and soft fabrics. These other materials can add different layers to the room to make it look prettier.

If you have a room that has been designed to have an industrial look, add gray tones to your plywood flooring

o   Rooms that have been designed to look more industrial can feel cold and dull. This can be seen in a room that has exposed concrete, steel, or any other kind of building materials. To help bring some warmth in the room, installing plywood flooring that has been added with gray tones will fit perfectly into the design. The brown colored parts on the plywood flooring will put variation, which leads to the warmth feeling that is being added into the room.

natural-looking wood flooring

Copying the look of oak hardwood flooring can never go wrong

o   Not adding color to plywood flooring still gives you natural-looking wood flooring. However, if you want to make it look as if you are using hardwood flooring, then you can never go wrong copying the design and color of oak hardwood flooring. Paint can be used to create a faux wood grain. This is something a flooring expert can help you with.

Plywood flooring is a cost-effective flooring option for your attic

o   Adding flooring to your attic would depend on the roof structure of your house. You may need to ask for a flooring expert to survey your property to check if your property will be able to support it. If your house is designed to effectively support enough weight on your attic for storage or even if you use it as an extra bedroom, plywood flooring is highly advised. Since the attic is not easily visible to all your visitors, you may not need to design it just like your living room. You do not need to add colors to your plywood flooring to make it aesthetically pleasing. You may need to add protective coating due to the possibility of rain leaking into your attic that might damage your plywood flooring.

Design the color and stain of your plywood flooring

o   Since plywood is known to be one of the cheaper substitutions to hardwood flooring, you can paint over it, and you do not have to think that you are ruining its original design. Other than copying the look of hardwood flooring, you can also copy the design of marble flooring. You may use watercolor coats to be able to do this. You may even put drawings on your plywood flooring with a stencil to give it a more artistic design.

Turn available garage space into an extra room with plywood flooring

o   If there is enough unused space in your garage, you can turn that space into a room of your choice. The space can be turned into an office, entertainment room, or even an extra guest bedroom. Plywood flooring is a good choice because it will cost less and maintain its quality for a long period of time.

Use plywood flooring for your staircase

o   For houses that have staircases installed, plywood flooring can easily fit any type of staircase design. You may opt to create a staircase made purely from plywood material. It is also possible that you use plywood flooring only on the treads of the stairs.

Design your flooring with different shapes cut from your plywood flooring sheets

o   Plywood flooring comes in different sheets. These sheets have larger areas, which makes it easier to create different shapes that can be used as flooring panels or tiles. The different cuts may be made in different shapes and sizes. This will make it possible for you to create your own unique flooring design.

Installing plywood flooring sheets in their original sizes costs less

o   Due to size limitation, there is a need to install more hardwood flooring panels. This makes it more expensive than installing plywood flooring sheets. The standard size of plywood flooring is 8’x4’. You can opt to install the sheets directly without cutting them to reduce installation cost.

Larger spaces in between seams can make a room look bigger

o   The seams in hardwood flooring are known to be close to each other because of the size limitation of the flooring panels. With the larger floor area being covered by plywood flooring sheets, installing them in their original sizes will show seams that are farther from each other. This helps make the room look as if it is bigger than it actually is.

Install prefinished plywood flooring

o   Prefinished plywood flooring is one of the plywood floorings that is made from premium quality materials. It has a light color and has a uniform grain structure. It looks smoother and is more durable than most types of plywood flooring. It looks beautiful as it is, and there is no need to stain or add stains and coatings. It can be installed as it is and is durable enough to last for a longer period of time.

Hide seams on your plywood floor

o   This may take time to accomplish, but it is possible to make your plywood flooring seamless. Since plywood flooring sheets do not use the tongue and groove installation method, it makes it easier to cover and hide the seams in between each sheet. Flooring experts are equipped with the technique to do this type of work.

Customize Your Room With Plywood Flooring

With the specification and characteristics of plywood flooring sheets, you can make them fit easily with any type of interior room designs. With the help of some construction materials, you can change their colors and shapes. If you wish to know more about plywood flooring, you can contact Three Trees Flooring at (416) 665-2624.

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