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How is Parquet Flooring Made?

Homeowners need to always consider using the best possible flooring material for their houses. The flooring industry offers many kinds that can fit all types of budgets. With the help of flooring experts, homeowners are given different options which they can use based on their preferences and budgets. Wood flooring is one of the most sought-after within the industry. However, some people may find the cost to be more than what is allowed by their budgets. Flooring experts can actually recommend to these people a cheaper type of wood flooring. This type is called parquet hardwood flooring. This article will discuss more about this type of wood flooring and how it is installed in specific areas of the house.

Important Things To Know About Parquet Flooring

Wood flooring is considered to be one of the most cost-effective types of flooring solutions in the modern age. Even though there have been developments using synthetic materials, many homeowners still feel that wood flooring is still one of the most beautiful and durable flooring choices in the market. Parquet flooring is a kind of wood flooring that is also known to use materials coming from hardwood trees. This type of flooring is known to cost less than hardwood flooring planks or panels. To know more about parquet flooring, you may refer to the following information:

  •       All layers used in parquet flooring tiles are made from solid pieces of timber. This ensures that a parquet flooring tile is able to provide the benefits of the type of wood its materials came from.
  •       Parquet flooring tiles come in different sizes. They are usually smaller compared to the wood flooring panels that are being sold on the market. A parquet flooring tile may come in sizes such as 9” x 9”, 12” x 12”, or 19” x 19”. The thickness is usually between 5/16 inches to 3/4 inches.
  •       Parquet flooring has been around since the 17th century. With its elegant design, it was used by many aristocrats in the past. Even today, parquet flooring is being used to accentuate the beauty of the modern design.
  •       The hardwood version of parquet flooring has three kinds. Unfinished solid hardwood parquet flooring is basically made from solid wood taken from hardwood trees. In this version, a manufacturer would use only material that came from a specific hardwood tree. It is cut and shaped depending on the preferred design. The resulting flooring tiles are not applied with any stains or coatings. Another kind of this version is called pre-finished hardwood parquet flooring. Just like the unfinished solid kind, the manufacturer uses only pieces of wood that have been taken from a specific hardwood tree. However, there is a difference in the processing of this kind since the manufacturer would sand the product before it is applied with stains and protective coatings. The last kind for this version is called engineered hardwood parquet flooring. This is commonly used by homeowners due to the fact that among the three kinds, it costs a bit lower than the other two kinds. This kind is basically produced by a manufacturer by binding together multiple plies of wood veneer. The topmost ply uses wood taken from a hardwood tree. However, the other plies of wood veneer can be made from softwood and plywood. A strong adhesive is used to bind all the plies together. In addition, the manufacturer applies finishing, stain, and protective coatings to the resulting product.
  •       In relation to the engineered hardwood parquet flooring, this is known to be the best option to be used in areas that are regularly exposed to extreme climate changes. Air and water naturally affect wood. Water can cause wood to expand just like when wood is exposed to hot temperature. Also, cold temperatures are known to make wood shrink. However, with the adhesive and protective coatings added during the manufacturing process, these are used by the wood veneers as a protective shield against water and air. This will then ensure that the wood veneers would not be affected by temperature and weather changes all throughout the year.
  •       One of the main differences parquet flooring has over other types of wood flooring is that it is designed with different patterns. The designs are usually based on historical precedents. One of the most famous patterns available today is the Aremberg pattern. This design received its name based on the D’Aremberg castle in Belgium, which was actually named after the family that reigned the Western European country beginning the 17th century. Other famous patterns include the Monticello, Chantilly, Herringbone, Chevron, and the Hexagon.
  •       When it comes to the maintenance of parquet flooring, the hardwood version can be refinished just like other types of hardwood flooring panels. As long as the hardwood layer is still thick enough to be sanded and the tiles are still able to maintain their stability, then refinishing these tiles can prolong their lifespan.

installation of parquet flooring

Installation Of Parquet Flooring

It is highly advised that the installation of parquet flooring tiles should be done by professional flooring contractors. Doing this will prevent the parquet flooring tiles from getting damaged and also avoid wasting the other resources that would be used during the installation process. Since adhesive will be used to stick the parquet flooring tiles onto the subfloor, the process needs to be done carefully to avoid mistakes and prevent accidents. However, you may refer to the following steps on how flooring experts install parquet flooring:

  •       Property evaluation

o   Before the homeowner purchases the parquet flooring tiles, experts would first look at the area that will be installed with parquet flooring. These experts will be able to compute the exact number of tiles that the homeowner would need to buy so that resources will not be wasted on buying more than what is needed.

  •       Subfloor preparation

o   After all the materials have been purchased and are ready for use, flooring experts will ensure that the parquet flooring tiles will be able to completely stick to the subfloor. For this to happen, the subfloor is thoroughly cleaned to ensure that there will be no sealants, paint, and debris that would prevent the tiles from sticking to the subfloor. Any areas on the subfloor that may have some damages or that are rough, are fixed and sanded to make sure that the subfloor will be smooth and level. After the fixes and cleaning have been done, flooring experts will wait for the subfloor to become completely dry before going to the next step.

  •       Parquet flooring preparation

o   The installer will then locate the center of each wall of the area that will be installed with parquet flooring. After the centers of the walls are located, the installer will then mark a line that would connect the centers of opposing walls. Doing this will determine the center point of the area. The parquet flooring tiles are then laid down on the floor starting from the center point of the area. After the tiles have been laid down, this will determine which tiles would need to be cut to be able to fit the allotted space.

  •       Parquet flooring installation

o   Once all the materials are ready to be installed, adhesive will be applied to the subfloor. A notched trowel is usually used by installers when applying the adhesive. The tiles are then placed on the subfloor. Installers make sure that the tongue-and-grooves between the tiles are perfectly aligned. They may use a rubber mallet to tap the tiles into place. As the installers reach the areas at the end of the allotted space, this is the time when all of the tiles that need to be cut are measured. Once measurements have been made, the parquet flooring tiles that will not be able to fit inside the space are then cut using a jigsaw while still maintaining the design or pattern chosen by the homeowner. After the tiles have been laid and stuck on the subfloor, a floor roller is then used to set the newly laid tiles within a few hours after installation.

Parquet Flooring Should Be Installed Professionally

Looking at the steps used to install the parquet flooring tiles, it may seem simple to do, but the actual installation will need precision and care. For those who are not familiar with tools or equipment that would be used to cut the wooden tiles, these people should avoid doing them. Injuries and accidents can happen anytime when dealing with such equipment. Personal safety should be the main priority over the cost it would take to install the flooring of the house. Professional installers are equipped with all the necessary tools and techniques to accomplish the job efficiently and safely. If you are planning on installing parquet flooring for your house, it is highly recommended that you contact Three Trees Flooring at (416) 665-2624. We can help you decide which type of flooring is the best fit for your house.

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