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How Much Does it Cost to Install Parquet Flooring?

The flooring of a house needs to remain durable and strong as long as possible. Houses located in Canada that are constantly exposed to the harsh effects of extreme climate changes should contain flooring materials that should not be easily damaged or affected by different weather conditions. For this to happen, the best type of material and proper installation should be done to keep the flooring at its best possible condition at all times. The use of parquet flooring has been known to be in the market for a long period of time.

This is due to its excellent quality and elegant design. To ensure that a house has this type of flooring, it must be made from the best materials out there. With regards to installation, professional installers use their different techniques and tools to make sure that homeowners will be happy with the outputs. The cost of installation will differ between installers based on various factors. This article will give you an idea of the average cost it takes to have parquet flooring installed and some of the factors that affect the installation cost.

What Makes Parquet Flooring Unique?

Parquet flooring has been used by different types of people throughout the years. One of the main selling points of parquet flooring is that its beauty and design have been used by many aristocrats in the past. This goes to show that it is a type of flooring that different classes of people can benefit from. Parquet flooring is known for being made from solid wood coming from the timber of different types of trees. With this, parquet flooring can be made from softwood or hardwood. This makes it unique due to the fact that it gives homeowners the opportunity to choose which would fit their budgets and house conditions.

Parquet flooring comes in smaller tile sizes like 9” x 9”, 12” x 12”, or 19” x 19” as compared to wooden floor panels. This can help homeowners save on the expenses they will need to purchase the flooring materials. By looking at the designs and patterns that are available for parquet flooring, homeowners are given a wider variety to choose from. There are famous patterns that homeowners can actually choose from. A few of these famous patterns include the Herringbone, Chevron, Hexagon, Chantilly, Monticello, and Aremberg. With the help from flooring experts, homeowners can have their houses use these patterns as their designs. For those who would prefer to create their own designs, they can mix and match the different patterns as they want. These factors make parquet flooring one of the most unique styles that can be used in any room of a house.

Why Choose Hardwood Parquet Flooring?

As previously mentioned, parquet flooring can be made from softwood or hardwood. Soft wood is the cheaper kind between the two, but it has more limitations as compared to hardwood parquet flooring. Many customers who prefer to install parquet flooring usually opt to go with flooring tiles that are made from hardwood trees. The main reason why people do this is because this type of parquet flooring will get the same benefits from the hardwood trees that the materials were taken from. Hardwood trees are known to be deciduous. This means that these trees grow at slower rates as compared to other types of trees. What this does is make the tree denser. This leads to making the trees stronger and durable. This is crucial for some homeowners who prefer that the flooring of their houses stay in excellent condition for longer periods of time. With this in mind, homeowners are given further options on which kind of hardwood parquet flooring they would need to use based on some specific circumstances that their houses may have. Below are the different kinds of hardwood parquet flooring:

  •       Unfinished solid hardwood parquet flooring

o   This kind of hardwood parquet flooring undergoes the least amount of processing before it is released by the manufacturers. The process of creating this kind involves cutting the timber from specific types of hardwood trees and using the harvested material into forming the parquet flooring tiles. The parquet tile created only uses material from the hardwood tree. The finished product may still have a rough surface since it does not go through sanding and protective coating processes.

  •       Pre-finished solid hardwood parquet flooring

o   For this kind, the manufacturer also uses only timber from a hardwood tree. However, after the parquet flooring tile has already been formed, it will be sanded to make the surface smoother. The tile is then finished and applied with protective coatings before it is released.

  •       Engineered hardwood parquet flooring

o   Out of the three kinds, this kind is known to undergo multiple processes before the product is deemed usable. Engineered hardwood involves binding together multiple layers of wood veneer. The topmost layer uses timber from a specific hardwood tree. It is then partnered with 5-7 layers of wood veneer that may be made from soft wood or plywood. All of the layers are bonded together by a strong adhesive to ensure that the different layers will not be affected by moisture and air. This type is especially fitting to be used for houses that are located in Canada where there are constant climate changes happening within the year.

hardwood-parquet-flooringCost Of Installing Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring tiles are known to have a wide range of price differences depending on the types of wood that have been used to create them. Hardwood costs more than most soft wood parquet flooring. This also happens with the cost of the different kinds of hardwood material used in making certain parquet flooring tiles. There are various factors that dictate the parquet flooring tiles. When it comes to the cost of labor to install parquet flooring, there are differences between flooring contractors or installers. Multiple factors also cause the differences in the labor. It is highly recommended that people should get in touch with multiple installers to have some grounds for comparison. However, to give homeowners a rough idea on the average of parquet flooring tiles and labor costs within the province of Ontario, you may refer to the following.

Factors That Affect The Cost To Install Parquet Flooring

For those who are wondering why flooring contractors may have different price quotations to install parquet flooring, they have to realize that there are multiple variables that must be considered in a project. The following list details some of these factors:

  •       Types of materials used in the parquet flooring tiles

o   There are contractors who may offer to provide the flooring tiles together with their installation services. This is important to note since a contractor may be offering a better type of parquet flooring tile even if the pattern is the same with other contractors. Homeowners should look into the finer details of the price quotation to see if they would accept the specific type of parquet flooring tile the contractor is offering.

  •       Brand and strength of the adhesive

o   For contractors to ensure that the parquet flooring tiles will be able to withstand shock and heavy pressure, they usually apply adhesive on the subfloor so that the tiles can be secured firmly. Some contractors may use better brands over other contractors which may give better outputs. Further researching regarding this matter may help homeowners be assured of the level of quality the results may be.

  •       Reputation of the flooring contractors

o   One cannot deny that there are flooring contractors that have been involved in the industry for longer periods of time. These contractors may have achieved great reputations based on the works they have done for their clients. There contractors may be more focused on giving their customers the best possible service that they can give. They may use better tools, materials, and equipment to fulfill their jobs. For these flooring contractors, they may offer more expensive services but with excellent final results.

Choose A Flooring Contractor With An Excellent Reputation

To ensure that the project will be done with excellent results, homeowners are highly advised to hire contractors that have been rated excellently by their customers. This is a great way for homeowners to find out if the contractor is doing the project just to make easy money or if they are truly focused on making their customers happy. The additional cost it may take to have such contractors do the job for you should always be taken as a positive since you are paying for flooring that can last longer and with lesser maintenance needs. As one of the well-known flooring contractors in Ontario, Three Trees Flooring has been known to employ the best flooring experts. You may get in touch with our team by calling us at (416) 665-2624.

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